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Living in Belize

Tim & Tina’s Turkey Party


Another thanksgiving in Belize. It is funny how we have ended up celebrating the American one more the past 3 years than we have the Canadian one. We are going to Tim and Tina’s always a great party with lots of people and lots of food. This year there were over 30 of us it was nice to catch up with people we have not seen in a while like Tim, Tina, Zac, Rick, Dianne, Ben and Wade.

Daily San Pedro Weather – cold front set in yesterday afternoon almost time for socks.

Tim amd Tina's thanksgiving party

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  1. tacogirl November 27, 2009

    We had fun too glad you could come and that Tim and Tina had such a great party. Thanks tacoboy added that today – I told him you were first to notice it.

  2. Dorry November 27, 2009

    We had so much fun last night – great people, delicious food! By the way, I love your new tacogirl blog icon!!


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