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Weather In Belize

Thanks to Hurricane Gustave we Have Rain

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Hurricane Gustave  Paul said 95% of New Orleans is evacuated – we have been following their activity on the morning news and hoping everyone is ok. We had some thunder and rain earlier and it looks like the sun is trying to come out now.  Been interesting to see the effects of Gustave on Belize.  You can tell by the NOOA screen shot ... Read More »

Abrupt Awakening Due to Rainy Belize Weather

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We woke up to rain pouring down and we both jumped out of bed quickly closing windows as fast as we could – Paul took the upstairs and I did the downstairs. Once again it was not even 5 minutes later when the rain stopped and the sun came out, that’s our crazy Belize weather for you. I did something ... Read More »

Tropical Storm Arthur was a Dark and Very Windy Night

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Restless night from Tropical storm Arthur Been up off and on all night listening to wicked lightening and thunder from the storm. After checking outside, I realized either I must have selective hearing or was sleeping at the point when all patio furniture and toys ended up in a heap at the end of our balcony. Could not sleep any longer ... Read More »

More power outs and Belize weather

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Belize in May Aside from low season rates May is a great time to visit Belize though be prepared to get a bit wet and more so towards the end of the month when rainy season draws closer.  Average temperature is about 28°C or 82°F. Current weather is hot and a bit a soggy right now,  rain was very heavy last night, woke me up at ... Read More »

Finally the temperature is rising

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Three cheers, the weather for Belize is getting warmer after a good cold spell. I really did not need to wear my polar fleece but I figured better safe than sorry after the past few days of cold.  BC’s Sunday Jam sometimes runs late and and I do not want to be come a frozen taco if it gets cold after dark. ... Read More »

Winters Change by Hannah

Belize weather November It is fairly common knowledge that Paul and I turned a dream into reality when we moved here to get away from winter.  After all who wouldn’t want to trade in the impending doom of winter for highs of 28°Cor 76°F  and lows of  23°C or 73°F and  cool windy days with lots of sunshine. We were ready to hang up ... Read More »