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Weather In Belize

Hurricanes in Belize and Dean

Belize weather in August August is known for being one of our hotter months with ts average high of 86°F or 30°C. Along with high heat comes the increases chance of big storms, as warm water and moist warm air,  2 key creation factors and why hurricanes are often associated with the tropics.  Those that live here know that hurricanes ... Read More »

Royal Palms to Exotic Caye

Here are pictures that go from Royal Palms to Exotic Caye. It was a bit surreal walking the beach this morning to check out all the damage and see who was out and about. We stopped along the way to swap stories and marvel and what the force of Hurricane Dean had done. Dive shop Sand was washed up high ... Read More »

When is  Belize rainy season?

belize rainy season

Belize rainy season is June – November  and the time period when annual Belize rainfall is highest. Early months of May and June are typically not as heavy, are  great times to travel here as you can you can bypass the tourist rush and enjoy low season hotel rates.  Belize weather in June Typically June is a warm month with temperatures in ... Read More »

Hurricane season in Belize

belize weather

The buzz between friends these days goes between Carole and Dick going back to Canada to sell off & size down and hurricane season. For those of us expats living on the Island of Ambergris Caye hurricane season in Belize an important weather related topic that comes up yearly. I have a list started of all the shops we go to ... Read More »

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