Getting off the plane in the rain

Rain Insane

Belize Weather in January

The sky started throwing down rain just as we got to the airport, so I had to book a spot on the 11:00 am flight. After waiting a bit we came up with the idea to head to the bakery as a stop-over point between the airport and Perk, so we waited for the rain to let up a bit and made our way there. We hung out for a bit then decided to make a break for it, and were heading toward Front street when we saw Pedro and hitched a ride right to Perk.  Belize weather in January can make it a challenge to get somewhere – it can be like running an obstacle course.

After seeing Shannon off we came home and had a meeting with Paul. Not long after we finished, video Paul stopped by and ended up helping me do some brainstorming/planning, which was totally unexpected and very helpful. Started pouring again tonight which delayed video Paul at our house for a while. I went and got take out at Sunny’s. 2 Pauls and I ate watching TV – the perfect way to spend a rainy evening.  Rainy weather in Belize can make for a cozy evening.


2 thoughts on “Rain Insane

  1. tq says:

    “Wet – Can anyone remember who has the orange carhart rainsuit?”… Yes, was Alex!

    Had fun with you Hon! You are so good to me! Until next time… xo

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