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Rain Insane

Belize Weather in January

The sky started throwing down rain just as we got to the airport so I could book a spot on the 11:00am flight. After waiting a bit we came up with the idea to head to the bakery as a stop over point between the airport and Perk so waited for the rain to let up a bit and made our way there. We hung out for a bit then decided to make a break for it and were heading toward front street when we saw Pedro and hitched a ride right to Perk.  Belize weather in January can make it a challenge to get somewhere – it can be like running an obstacle course.

After seeing Shannon off we came home and had a meeting with Paul. Not long after we finished, Video Paul stopped by and ended up helping me do some brainstorming/planning which was totally unexpected and very helpful. Started pouring again tonight which delayed Video Paul at our house for a while. I went and got take out at Sunnys – 2 Pauls and I ate watching TV – perfect way to spend a rainy evening.  Rainy weather in Belize can make for a cozy evening.

Luggage cart

Rainy Weather in Belize Rainy Monday

Belize weather - hiding out from the rain Waiting out the rain


Quiet January Monday

Wet – Can anyone remember who has the orange carhart rainsuit?

tacogirl tq keli

Weather Belize - It's Raining an PouringRaindrops

Waiting out the rain


Adios Amiga

Puddle weather

Rainy night

White pickup truck

In the rain


  1. “Wet – Can anyone remember who has the orange carhart rainsuit?”… Yes, was Alex!

    Had fun with you Hon! You are so good to me! Until next time… xo

  2. Three beautiful ladies: Laurie, Shannon, and Keli!

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