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Major frustration with blogger today. I have to say, WordPress is rapidly gaining points in my book. But you, blogger, are just not user friendly enough sometimes.

Question… has anyone ever successfully changed their blogger log in email address to a new one?

From what I’ve found, people say you can get around this issue by adding yourself as an author and put your new email address in. So far this has not worked for me so I’m trying to retrace my steps and see if I’m missing something.

Stay tuned for more. I definitely earned a break right now.

To add to my tech frustration, I set up a gmail account for work and as a result of not being able to change my primary blogger email, I can’t be logged into both at one time. I was able to do so for about a week or so (obviously a glitch somewhere) but now things changed and I’m no longer able to do so.

At least my computer fan has the good sense to be quiet right now. I took Tim’s advice Sunday afternoon; unscrewed the back of my laptop and gave a good cleaning to the fan area. After putting it all back together it was still sounded noisy, but I think overall it was a good thing to do. I was surprised how much dust was easily cleaned out.

I almost forgot to mention, the big block party for Savor San Pedro 2009 is January 31st. Here are pics from last years party.

Art show and sale ad for "women in need'

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