River Roads

Rain pelting through my window woke me up at 2:15 am – ugh. Sometimes with Belize weather the rain chooses such inopportune times to plummet and wake me up. After checking all the windows I probably should have tried to go back to sleep but I figured I may as well get up and work for a bit. I can just imagine what the roads are like right now – thinking if I ride my bike to town this morning I will not be taking the back roads. Got a meeting with RLD and Rebecca – working on more One Caribbean Weather & Lobsterfest planning.

4:38 am I was trying to hold off on iced coffee till it was actually morning coffee time but cannot take it any longer water just not cutting it. Rain died down and has picked up again. Chatting with Heather on coconut phone about synchronicity – it is 2 h later in Toronto and she is getting ready for work.

5:26am Work is rough this morning due to painfully slow internet. Trying to finish up work so I can get a bit of a break before going to town.

4:18 pm It turned into the absolute craziest day – we got 11 inches of rain today.Sometimes Belize rainy season can produce so much rain that it is amazing. It got really heavy when RLD, Rebecca and I were in our meeting at Seaduced and by the time we left it the streets were like river roads. Went back home to quickly check pics and just as I had suspected sadly my underwater camera died the pictures were not good. Bummer on that cause I had a great shot of a guy in a long yellow raincoat near Ramon’s who was almost up tohis knees in water. I will see if I can somehow salvage any of them for a future post.

Met friends Carole andVicky on the way they were coming from Canucks checking on Jacks boat. We headed to town to snap some pics and then ran into Paul and Jack on our way back. So the girls went to Carole’s to spray the boat motor with clean water and Jack, Paul and I headed for Pedro’s.

FYI – If you are wanting Pizza tonight Pedro has cheese but due to the flooding the pizza will be made at Pirates.

I did a quick change and had to take the chance and brought out my regular camera as this was too good to miss.

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5 thoughts on “River Roads

  1. Jan says:

    So, how are things today?

    I understand the sun has made an appearance…

    Been chatting online with a few folks down there — fortunately, they have not sustained any major damage.


  2. carole says:

    wow what a day!!!!!!!!! we had good think for me i had the help of the cost gard to help me with the boat cause i could not keep it up with all tha water .Big thank’s to them.

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