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Mission Acomplished

This post dates back to a few different dates as I have been quietly blogging as everything was unfolding so you wouldn’t miss out on the fun – I used this style for Lobsterfest 2009 as well.

May 8th – Remember a short while back I told you I had a big surprise cooking? Mission accomplished and I can officially announce it [even though they have already gone public on facebook and their One Caribbean Weather wordpress site] – Joey Stevens and Bob the Parrot from are coming to San Pedro for Lobsterfest.

May 14th – Lots has happened yesterday Joey’s Manager said he has us penciled in but needs to know sooner than later as there is another country who has stepped up and is willing to take our time slot – hoping we can get enough people on board so we can give One Caribbean Weather an answer by asap. I am so on the edge of my seat but I know that we can make this happen.

May15 – I have quietly started the first stage of my social media blitz and now [May 18] I am officially Calling out for all San Pedro Belize lovers and One Caribbean Weather Fans who facebook and twitter to follow One Caribbean Weather’s Bob the Parrot on twitter and friend Bob facebook. Lets show Bob and One Caribbean Weather some social Media Love.

May 17th – I just checked Bob’s facebook page and 38 of us have joined so far – and 19 for twitter hooray. We are still working out final details but it is getting so close now to officially saying yes. Feeling like a college kid trying to stuff a Volkswagen and see how many people we can get inside ha ha. It has been so exciting planning this out and seeing everyone come together to make this happen and sharing the same vision ‘It is not about the I it is about the Island’.

May 18 – Official announcement that is is really happening. We still need as much help as we can get so if your business or someone you know is willing to help support this great cause please contact me tacogirlbelize[at]gmail[dot]com. Social Media update for today 54 of us have joined Bob the parrots Facebook page and 26 on Bob’s twitter – keep up the good work everyone and please tell your friends.

I have been watching Oprah this aft on CBS and seen all kinds of great footage during the commercials – Grenada – Trinidad – San Juan – Curaco. Nice to think about how Ambergris Caye Belize will showing soon be among them.

Oprah had a very interesting story about a family in the states who adopted a 7 year old girl from Haiti. They talked about how in the beginning because she was used to getting only one meal a day – Clare was eating like every meal was her last. It took a while for her to see that there was always going to be another meal. It was also interesting to hear what her coping skills in school were like as back in Haiti pushing and shoving were a way to get attention. I found it all very interesting having volunteered at HC school here on the island and seen some of the struggles kids face and how they cope. Saw on OCW yesterday that Joey Stevens presented a check for Haiti to the American Red Cross with yesterday on his Caribbean Weather Show for the amount of $53,500.00.

Sending a big Shout out to Rebecca Arceo at Seaduced for helping in a big way to make this happen. Time for a computer break – emails are multiplying faster than rabbits today.

Joey Stevens One Caribbean Weather

One Caribbean Weather

Calling out for all Belize Fans who twitter to follow Bob the Parrot on twitter.

Bob’s Facebook Page

12 thoughts on “Mission Acomplished

  1. Joey Stevens says:

    On the other hand, after spending time with Bob and I the good folks of Ambergris Key may nee d a vacation….we are really looking forward to being with you all. I am off to Barbados and Granada next Sunday for a week, then back for a week and then we will be headed your way.

  2. Maureen says:

    Bob and Joey, you will not be disappointed! I have not found another place on earth where folks are fun, down to earth and just easy to be with!! You will have a great time!

  3. Eli Pearly says:

    Way to go Tacogirl. Rebecca told me the great news early this morning! Looking forward to Joey and Bob finally enjoying to hospitality that Isla Bonita is famous for! Lobster Fest is the perfect venue. Bob can play with all his feathered and FURRY friends here in San Pedro!

  4. Quicksilver Dianne says:

    We’ve got liquid sunshine right now but, Joey, we should have the real McCoy when you get here. Am glad this is happening. Way t’ go Tacogirl and Rebecca A.

  5. Joey Stevens says:

    That warms my heart. Looking forward to having a blast with you folks. Be warned however that wherever Bob The Parrot goes the Paparazzi follow…….

  6. tacogirl says:

    Joey you will be glad to know that the coldest beer & jager and the Best pizza on the island is waiting for you at Pedro’s – there is even a pool for Bob to sneak in his naked swim – I am sure Pedro won’t mind.

  7. Joey Stevens says:

    I just want everyone to know that Bob and I are so very excited about coming to San Pedro for Lobsterfest. We are pretty easy to please, as long as there is good food, COLD BEER and friendly people to talk to we are all set. I want to thank Taco Girl and her friends for working so hard to make this happen. Looking forward to seeing all of you in June and I promise I will try to keep Bob the Parrot from swimming nude in the pool!!! Love you all…..

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