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The Coming Pupusa War

Pupusa in Belize

A Tongue in Cheek Story by Bill McMichael When in San Pedro, we frequently make a point of dining at one or both of the Pupusarias on Middle Street. For those that do not know what pupusas are, Wikipedia describes pupusas as follows: A pupusa (Spanish pronunciation: pu’pusa, from Pipil pupusaw) is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade ... Read More »

A Rained out 34th Independence Day did not Stop the Party

Belize Independence

Waterlogged San Pedro Thankfully for party goers, it waited till after the fireworks and Independence eve celebration for Chac (the rain god of the Maya) to let loose. It down poured fairly heavy from about 1:30 am onward and kept right on going. As a result, there was some damage control yesterday morning. First off, little did I know I ... Read More »

Lobster Meat Pies and a Reader Review

San Pedro Belize Restaurants

Breakfast in Town Yesterday morning Shirlee, Sue, Aimee and I had a meeting with Miguel from the Cancer Society to discuss blood drives. Since Miguel was accommodating as to when and where we could meet and us Red Cross girls are all about food we decided on Boogies Belly for breakfast. Aside from the excitement of our meeting and breakfast, I ... Read More »

Restaurant Guide for Picky Eaters and Food Adventurers

Restaurants in San Pedro Belize

Being a picky eater definitely has its downside, especially when you are traveling. Recently I heard a crazy account from friends that had visiting relatives in town. Long story short, the kids were ultra picky kids and did not want to eat hardly anything beyond chips and salsa and some days that was a stretch for them depending on what ... Read More »

Extra Special Soft Opening of Stella’s Smile Wine Bar

Getting married in Belize

Stella’s Smile Made David and Alisha Smile One of the things I love about island life is the close sense of community we have. Last Thursday a bunch of us came together for the soft opening of a new wine bar that is located 1 mile north of the bridge called Stella’s Smile. Billing itself as a “Sunset Wine Bar” ... Read More »