San Pedro Lobster Fest

The Most Fun I Ever Had Not Winning

“The Most Fun I Ever Had Not Winning” turned out to be my vacationing friend John McHenry’s tag line of the night.

He was in town speaking on behalf of the board for Holy Cross School graduation and wanted to get together. I had declined his Friday night offer to meet for a drink after dinner as I was enjoying some quality me time and I was also saving myself for Saturday night on the town and the big lobster festival street party.

When I mentioned the block party as an alternate plan I was surprised to find out that John did not know about it. By his response I could tell that he thought it was a small local neighborhood thing.

He soon found out otherwise when we walked from our meeting place out front of Fido’s to the very packed Central Park area. After several years of attending San Pedro Lobster Fest, it was fun to see the party through the eyes of someone who unexpectedly ended up there. Surprisingly in all the years John has been coming here he has never celebrated the opening of lobster season in Belize.

We arrived around 6:30 and left by nine and the whole time it was a steady sea of people. It was not long before we started running into people we knew scattered in the crowd. Always a great way to find out who had tried what and that is how we ended up trying the Crazy Canucks coconut lobster bites.

San Pedro Lobster Fest
I wasn’t the only one taking pictures while waiting.

Coconut Lobster

We even chatted up strangers to ask where they got their succulent looking grilled tails, which turned out to be Pirates Treasure. They had a big barrel barbecue out front of their booth and were serving half and whole orders on skewers. I went old school with plain butter and John opted for butter and lime.

San Pedro Lobster Fest
Grilled tails with choice of garlic butter, garlic lime butter or Sriracha

Of course Casa Picasso sliders were an item on everyone’s love list. I will have to make up for not having those, soon. The other thing I missed that I would have wanted to try had I been hungrier and based on Facebook opinions, was the lobster corn dog from Paco’s Tiki Bar which placed in the judging. Some people were smart and dined tag team style so they could try twice as many delicious lobster dishes by sharing everything.

Thanks to the San Pedro Business Association for continuing the Lobster loving tradition and throwing a great party year after year. Congratulations on a very successful 11th year. Shout out to everyone who gave who gave it their best shot and the winners. 

Best Food Dish

  • 1st place: Finn & Martini – Lobster This Fettucini
  • 2nd place: Paco’s Tiki Bar – Lobster Corn Dog
  • 3rd place tie: Casa Picasso Lobster Tagliattela Aragosta Valencio and Pineapples Restaurant – Lobster Bruschetta , Lobster Pesto Wontons and Lobster Stuffed Meatball

Best Cocktails

  • 1st place tie: Finn & Martini – Sohotini and Brooklyn Brothers’ Bagels – Mermaid 
  • 2nd place: Youcan Toucan at Casitas Tres Cocos – Tropical Mimosa
  • 3rd place: Picasso Spirits –  Lobster Tail 

Best Booth

  • Pineapples Restaurant

Congrats to all the winners for their outstanding food and creative cocktails and booth design skills.

Lobster Loving Judges

Karen Pike -Belize Tourism Board
Mary Rodriguez – San Pedro Sun
Gerry Badillo – Instagram Blogger
Erin Santiago – Our Tasty Travels
Rebecca Coutant – San Pedro Scoop
Jorge Aldana – San Pedro Town Council

Great Entertainment

As always the Panerrifix Steel Band was a huge hit. The wall of people trying to catch video and pictures was too great to break through but their sound carried far. David Marin was MC, Mayor Danny gave a talk about the event and  Dj Debbie had the crowd dancing. There was also a wine tasting photo exhibit put on by the San Pedro House of culture. All proceeds were going towards sending kids to an environmental summer up north in Camp Basil Jones area.

The Most Fun I Ever Had Not Winning

Now onto the reason for the title of my post and why it became John’s tagline. When it came for the draw he pulled out his ticket and it was right down to the wire as they called his numbers out only to stop short at the very last one. As for the most fun part, while on vacation what is more fun than ending up at a giant block party that you had no idea was happening or just how big and cool it would be when you got there?

Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Kirsten Bentley who ended up with the lucky ticket right after John’s and won the big grand prize. She was the very lucky winner of an all expenses paid trip for two back to Ambergris Caye for San Pedro Lobster Fest 2018. 

I will leave you with a few pics of the party.

 San Pedro Lobster Fest
The island was enjoying lobster.
To many fantastic options and many came out for tasting.
 San Pedro Lobster Fest
Garbage crew was busy all night long from a ravenous and very thirsty crowd.
History of Lobster Fishing Ambergris Caye Belize
Charity Gallery at the main entrance.
Block party went well into the night.

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