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We Get to Use the Pool Too?

A lunch invitation took my friend Aimee and I 3.5 miles north of San Pedro town to O Restaurant at Las Terrazas resort. While there we got to talking with the new general manager Julian. When he mentioned wanting to include the local crowd more in regards to the restaurant versus just the tourists the first thing out of my mouth was “pool option”? This has been an ongoing occasional thing on the Belize forum (general link) as many people want to know which resorts allow you to use their pool. He gave us the official word that both locals and tourists are allowed to use the pool at Las Terrazas with food and or drink purchase. As you can see from the featured image above the it is worth a visit – more pics below. Please note

  • If you are not staying there and plan to use the pool, bring your own towel.
  • O Restaurant and Las Terrazas will be closed from September 5th to October 9th for low season maintenance so plan your visit soon.

Now onto the good stuff – the food. and discounts. Visit food and shopping travel coupon codes page to see a couple of ways to save a few dollars while enjoying this gorgeous Resort.

Lunch at O Restaurant

We were both hungry and ordered a side of Cilantro fries while waiting – they were nice and crispy. Next came the homemade thin crust pizza with Mayan flour crust with a tomato and mozzarella base – my favorite ’cause you get to eat more slices that way 😀 Additional topping choices include: garlic shrimp, mushroom, black olives, pepperoni, artichoke, green peppers, bacon, jalapenos, and pineapple. Ours came loaded and even sharing it between the 3 of us (Julian joined us for a bit) we still had slices left over. For our main meals, Aimee ordered the Island fish n chips that comes with tartar sauce and lime. I opted for the Terrazas salad with grilled shrimp, beet, orange, pecans and goat cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing – you can also get it with chicken or completely vegetarian. It was delicious and I must say even though nuts are like gold here, they did not skimp. While we were deciding on dessert Aimee ordered a cappuccino. Previous to that we both had my standard bar drink; an Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lime). Since it was such a nice day and the big round shaded poolside beds were calling my name, I suggested we go enjoy our dessert outside. It was not long before the homemade coconut ice cream and chocolate brownie with whipped cream turned up. I had our server take a pic of us with dessert in hand – see below. Right away Aimee had me forward it to her as she was messaging with her husband Kenny (in Texas) and wanted to send him a “wish you were here” picture 🙂 I sent my person of interest (JC) a few pics of the view as a reminder that he would have been my plus one if he was not in Canada. As much as Aimee likes him, I know she was glad he wasn’t here that day 😀 After dessert we just turned into a couple of lounge lizards for a while. Next time we will definitely bring our swimsuits.

Aimee’s Review

I don’t often get north of the bridge as I live well south of town. But when the opportunity arose to join my good friend tacogirl on a lunch date at O, who was I to refuse? Las Terrazas, where O is located, is a beautiful resort well North of the bridge. We had a nice drive giving us time to catch up. The restaurant itself is stunning with both indoor and outdoor poolside seating. We opted to lunch inside followed by brownie ala mode and ice cream, poolside. We started out sharing appetizers of cilantro fries and their house made pizza. I am one of those folks who likes cilantro but not in mega doses. The fries had an abundance of yummy seasoning, heavy on the black pepper with a light dusting of cilantro. This worked out well as I could just brush off a bit of the cilantro to get the appropriate amount for my taste. The pizza was one of their specialty Mayan pizza. The red sauce was not your traditional Italian seasoning but a delicious mix of different spices. It worked well to set off all the toppings. I am sure Taco has a good pic of the pizza so you can get a good look at the piled high toppings. Next I ordered the fish and chips. For me a good plate of fish is all about the batter and the tarter sauce and these did not disappoint. I am always frustrated when I go to a restaurant and they serve excellent fish with a bottled tartar. Once again the sauce was homemade. Not your everyday pickle and mayo based tartar, this tartar had a wonderful pallet of flavors. Seriously, I think I’m going to see if I can squeeze the recipe out of the chef when I go back. One of the best parts of lunch was finding out that they welcome locals to use the pool. One of my favorite things to do is to play tourist on our own island. Pack a bag, play on the beach, in the pool and enjoy a yummy lunch. O at Las Terrazas has made my permanent list.

O Restaurant Belize
O Restaurant on the right hand side – picture by Aimee Bordeaux Fearneyhough
O Restaurant Belize
Inside O Restaurant
O Restaurant Belize
We started with a couple of appetizers
O Restaurant Belize
Onto our Main course
O Restaurant Belize
Arnold Palmer’s and a cappuccino – first picture courtesy of Aimee Bordeaux Fearneyhough
O Restaurant Belize
Ambient Interior
O Restaurant Belize
 Las Terrazas Resort Ambergris Caye
Dessert by the pool – yummy with a view
 Ambergris Caye Accommodations
View from O Restaurant Rooftop deck

And so ends another great adventure in paradise.

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