Fiber Optic Pricing on Ambergris Caye

This morning I got a phone call from Belize Telemedia asking if I had received the letter about their new fiber optic internet. The rep. Brianna went onto explain that they had changed the deadline to September 14th – I was thankful, as the previous one was already passed and I hadn’t received the letter.

I decided to write this for anyone on BTL that may be in the same boat and did not receive an email notification to pick a plan – contact them now. Reason being, if you don’t get sorted by the new due date you run the risk of being cut off. I also know those of you daydreaming of living here appreciate knowing costs so you can mentally work out your monthly budget while in planning stages for Living in Belize.

Fiber Optic Internet Plans

Brianna went through the plan options with me and said she would email them to me and I should send back my choice along with a copy of my social, drivers licence or passport and she would handle my processing online so I did not have to go to the office.

My new plan will be $99 and is 10 Mbps. For those that do not own their own modem like I do, add $10. As it stands now, I am paying $84 for 2 Mbps. With my upgrade I will get 6 GB of data monthly on my phone plus 100 minutes free talk and a bonus SIM chip. Currently I pay $39.99 on my BTL internet bill for 2 GB internet on my phone with no free minutes.

Since I have a number already and do not want to change they said I can still get the free SIM card, register it in my name and then change it to a friends name down the road when I give it away.

As far as the minutes go I wanted to know if they roll over at the end of the month. The answer was twofold, in online BTL chat help, I was told the minutes and data get replenished at the end of my bill cycle and what was not used will be expire. In Brianna’s reply answering that question she said yes the minutes roll over. I will just have to wait and see what happens, either way I still come out on top. 

I was told I did not have to go into the office and it could all be done by email. Once I get confirmed it is processed I will likely stop by the Belize Telemedia office just north of town to make sure. I will need to get my SIM card anyways.

That was fast! Brianna emailed me back within 40 minutes of sending her the required info. She informed me that the technical team will proceed to give me a call to schedule a convenient date and time for the installation. In regards to the 100 minutes it will be added whenever the technicians connect my services. 

Although it has not kicked in yet I am already walking away from the fiber optic experience happy with my new plan and satisfied with BTL customer service. 

Belize Telemedia
New Fiber Optic Plans

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