Mahogany Bay Village

Finding a Peaceful Space

For many people travel is about enhancing their sense of peace and well-being. Often it includes getting out in nature and connecting with your new surroundings. Sometimes it involves finding a peaceful space to have a moment alone or with like minded people to expand your journey. At Science and Soul you can find it all.

Wellness Center

Owner Paulette says Balance Spa Belize (clickable link to website) was born out of the passion and clear vision of living a joyful life and total well being”. Paulette and her team firmly believe well being is our natural birthright. She believes this authentic gift should be savored and nurtured by embracing it daily and committing to self care and study – a lifelong process. As a result Paulette created a special space for clients and guests where they can enjoy a positive energetic shift while meeting other like minded people who cherish their health, serenity and have a desire to feel a true sense of community. This studio and spa is a great place to land if you are looking to re-calibrate on your vacation. Having been to the studio a few times and enjoyed the richness of it, I asked Paulette to tell us a bit more about the creation and design.

Paulette Harwood’s Vision

The manifestation of Science and Soul Wellness Center¬†(clickable link to reviews) at Mahogany Bay Village grew from the unique desire to create a flourishing boutique style Caribbean home-base for the yoga and wellness community. This includes practice, education, training, self-care, and products. Designed with intention, depth and comfort, I wanted the space to be an oasis for all. A place where people could be introduced to what and how we all benefit from practicing and experiencing the art of self care and preventative lifestyle activities. We created a truly special and unique upscale space to discover, enjoy and unfold in. A place to detach from the normal routine of fast paced life. A safe place to move forward on one’s journey of continual inward reflection.

About the Space

Science and Soul (clickable link to facebook) was designed with a sense of luxury and attention to detail. It needed to be pleasing to the eye, delight the senses, bring a feeling of lightness and ease. Thus attracting like minded people who have the desire to thrive and live life filled with purpose, pleasure and freedom. Our comfortable and stylish living room was designed to be enjoyed and savored. Accented with a crystal chandelier, contemporary waxed paper lantern and Belizean handcrafted sconces. It also hosts a carefully designed and thoughtfully stocked retail space. Items available for purchase are: Ashley Asti organic skincare, Kira Grace yoga and fitness wear, Organic Jade rubber yoga mats, glass water bottles, recycled beach bags, DoTerra essential oils, and a popular branded line of Science and Soul Wellness tanks, Maxi-dresses, caps and night shirts. Beside the living room sits an antique carpenters workbench hosting infused cool waters and medicinal teas for weight loss, depression and anxiety as well as insomnia and inflammation are available and free to all visitors and members. The masterful artwork in the living room, 2600 sq foot studio and spa was done by locally inspired artist Katrina Ancona. “The Awakening” & a sensuous female angel watches over our handcrafted Bullet Tree circular front reception desk with gold henna tattoo overlay design. “Hope” is carefully placed over the front altar in the studio and brings inspiration and clarity to the space. “Icarus” in the spa library peacefully lounging above the love-seat is a feast for the eyes. Sacred Space Yoga School was born out of the passion and clear vision of creating a simple and gorgeous space that is safe, comfortable, and richly authentic. This allows practitioners and students to grow their potential, study intensely, deepen their awareness, and inspire others. The 4 spa treatment rooms are outfitted with handcrafted Belizean hardwood Ashiatsu massage bars, a first in the country. We offer organic spa tan, organic skin care, massage, healing treatments, Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic counseling is available. As the center grows we will add vibrant and healing foods and catered meals planned from Ayurveda and Macrobiotic traditions. Panchakarma (purification therapy in Ayurvedic medicine) will also be offered after Mahogany Bay Village, Hilton Curio Collection officially opens its doors in December 2017.


I will leave you with a few pictures from one of the few times I want to Science and Soul for afternoon energy work sessions.

Mahogany Bay Village
Driving to Science and Soul Wellness Center
Mahogany Bay Village
Sunset at Mahogany Bay
Ambergris Caye Belize
Front desk, beverage area and living room
Ambergris Caye
Stylish relaxing interior and store
Mahogany Bay Village
Browsing before a group energy session
Mahogany Bay Village
The Awakening by Katrina Ancona
Mahogany Bay Village
Chatting before group work
Belize Fitness
Large open yoga studio with gorgeous hardwood floors
 Mahogany Bay Village Belize
Icarus by Katrina Ancona in the spa library lounge area
Ambergris Caye Belize
Things to gain from a great vacation and a visit to Science and Soul

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