Tropical Storm Franklin

Wrong Timing Franklin

Tropical Storm Franklin is rearing his ugly self at the exact wrong time – although there is never a good time for a storm. The island is preparing fast for the oncoming storm, businesses are moving boats to the back side of the island, alcohol ban is in effect and some are boarding up.

Victor, the Security guard for the Atlantic Bank who manages my apartment came and told me they will be boarding up my place by noon. I told him they had to make sure like last time that I can get in and out easily and to leave the last board for my front door off for now.

As for wrong timing,  over a week ago I had planned a surprise adult coloring party luncheon for my friend Sandie. So far two people canceled out this morning due to having to move their boats. A few others have confirmed they are still willing to come, Bob and Logen (Sandie’s husband and son) said they are still willing to help get here here for the surprise. This is a good thing as I have a large food order in from the French Bakery of sandwiches and pastries and apple slaw and crispy coconut fish bites from the Hungry Grouper. 

My cousin and I always say the right people will show up at the party. They did thankfully the rain held off while people were en-route to the party and Sandie was surprised.

Belize Weather Watch

August 3, 2017 marked one year since Hurricane Earl hit Belize and devastated so many properties and businesses in San Pedro.

We are now in the middle of preparing for what has now been up graded from a Tropical Depression to Tropical Storm Franklin early this morning. The winds are strengthening and by Tuesday morning should reach 65 mph as it makes landfall more likely over the Yucatan.

Right now it’s looking like we will get very wet. If you live on the island remember to have spare batteries and flash lights on hand and charge all your devices asap just in case.

NEMO Contact Information

NEMO emergency coordinators can be reached as follows:

  • The NEMO Emergency Hotline is 936
  •  Corozal,  Mr. Williard Levy 623-0237
  • Orange Walk, Ms. Suliema Celiz 636- 6094 605 5046, or Mr. Aragon 636-6094 
  • Belize District, Mr. Lionel Tillett  615-4834 and Mr. Kevin Pollard 621-2275
  • San Pedro, Ms. Vanessa Parham at 632-3698 
  • Belize City, Ms. Timrose Augustine 600-8672, or Councillor Willoughby (BZCC) 630-9793 
  • Belmopan, Ms. Clare Moody 630-9791 
  • Cayo, Mr. Al Westby at 630-3224 or Mr. Johnny Ramclam 625-2526 
  • Stann Creek, Mr. Keith Emmanuel at 615-9711
  • Toledo, Mr. Kenton Parham at 630-9787

(Contact information from reliefweb flood advisory post)

Around Town and Storm Map

Tropical Storm Franklin
Lagoon side of town
Tropical Storm Franklin
Water taxi area 
Tropical Storm Franklin
Many are moving boats around the backside of the island
Tropical Storm Franklin
A brief morning rain turned my yard into a lake
Downtown San Pedro
A bit wet but skies cleared
San Pedro Belize
Dog seems unconcerned about the storm
Tropical Storm Franklin
Tropical Storm Franklin courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

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