Rick’s After Party

by tacogirl
San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Tim told people to be prepared to tell their funniest Rick Story. This should be good I am sure there are many funny stories that will come out. You all read mine in yesterday’s post with the bite out of the cheese story. I emailed Ovi to see if he could do a round of his tasty shooters at Ricks party and said he would head on over there after he is done at Coco Beach. Rick liked his rum so I could not think of a more delicious way to toast.

Very excited – travelqueen called me this aft saying she was able to get tent to ERJPilot and he would bring it in hopefully on the 3:40pm Tropic Air today. That sent me daydreaming on camp Belize about the next time we can get away.

So much for a nap I set my phone alarm clock to go off and when it did I had already ended up back in my computer chair. Too funny I am texting travelqueen in Texas who is texting ERJPilot on in Belize City and doing a relay of which airlines and when he gets in. He switched to flying Maya Island Air now and timing is such that I will not be able to meet home so have to wait till tomorrow on tent.

Email below just in from Ruthie I had forgotten all about the Lamchop BBQ. Rick was going to Corozal with Kerry and he told me he had plans to buy Lambchops at the butcher there – those who know Rick know he was not a huge cook. he could navigate his way around shrimp and lobster but cooking Lamb was beyond his desire. [I can relate] So when he asked me if I would be willing to organize a barbecue with his lamb I went straight to two of my favorite cooks Chunky and Ruth for assistance. Not only did I know they would have the most tasty recipe [from kc jayhawk] but their view at Coral Bay Villas can’t be beat. We had a fantastic Island Style Potlicker. I have really got to run time is passing way to fast I am supposed to be at Canucks in 2 min ha ha – later.

Hi Laurie…

So sad to hear that we lost Rick. Such a nice guy. I saw that you were looking for pix of Rick and there are some great ones from the Lambchop BBQ post on Belize Snowbird.

Wish him bon voyage for us at the memorial…
Ruthie & Chunk

Coral Bay Villas

Rick’s After Party – was enjoyable hearing what people had to say. Funny how Rick was such a character that when someone tells their story about him it is not hard to get a visual and sometimes audio to go along with.

Rick's After Party at Crazy Canucks

Rick's After Party at Crazy Canucks

Rick's After Party at Crazy Canucks

Rick's After Party at Crazy Canucks

Rick's After Party at Crazy Canucks

Rick's After Party at Crazy Canucks

Rick's After Party at Crazy Canucks


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gary banner 11/07/2010 - 9:42 am

i wish i was there for his tribute. i will miss Rick’s crazy funny antics and stories. Happy trails Rick – where ever you are!

tacogirl 11/07/2010 - 9:33 pm

Nice what you wrote Gary I think many of us agree with you and will miss Rick’s crazy funny antics.


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