Island Style Potlicker

by tacogirl
San Pedro Belize beach pictures

I finally found something other than Christmas Carols on the radio. I managed to find the third station, a Spanish one playing a Spanish version of “Everything I Do I Do It for You” by Bryan Adams. Thankfully they stepped up the pace with something a bit more traditional and livelier for the next selection. This afternoon we’re doing an Island Style Potlicker and I can’t wait.

Not too long ago Rick and Kerry took a short trip to Corozal. Before leaving he came over and asked to borrow one of our coolers so he could bring back some lamb chops. He went on to ask if I was willing to make a dinner happen – which of course I was.

For those of you who know me well, know my passion is for eating, and not so much on the cooking end – I very happy and very agreeable when Ruth said we could have a barbecue on the beach at their place. Shuffles and Renita are in on it as well; we are using kc’s feta chop recipe.

I better hurry up and get ready, Rick will be here soon. Until I get my pictures up… you can enjoy this fabulous post from Chunky & Ruth’s blog.

Our potlicker was heavenly. We all walked away totally satisfied; full of food drinks and laughter.

Beach near Caribbean Villas

Gorgeous Sunday afternoon

Lamb chops cooking on a grill

Corozal Lamb

Food’s up

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tacogirl 18/12/2008 - 5:48 pm

You recipe was fantastic KC and so was everyone’s cooking – next time you are here maybe we can do it again.

KC Jayhawk 18/12/2008 - 3:09 pm

Not fair!!! My recipe and everyone else’s fun!!!

tacogirl 17/12/2008 - 5:51 pm

Michele it was a heavenly taste bud experience

Michele in Playa 17/12/2008 - 4:09 pm

OMG! That looks delicious!!

tacogirl 17/12/2008 - 1:08 pm

Hi Anon you can always drop me a live via email in my profile. My brother will be in town same time – he gets in on the first.

Anonymous 15/12/2008 - 10:12 pm

I want to come hang out with you when we get there. Wow, what a beach BBQ. We won’t be there until January 3rd and only for a week. 🙁

Changes in Latitudes 15/12/2008 - 6:27 pm

Was an awesome day … great food, great friends, great view…what more can you ask for???

Carbunkle Trumpet 14/12/2008 - 9:55 pm

Save us a chop, we will be there a tad late! I can bring my beef tenderloin if you want me too!


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