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Robles Point Camping Adventure

5:30am I knew I would not be able to sleep in this morning thinking about all the last minute things I needed to organize for our Robles Point camping trip. I am still not quite sure how I will get everything packed up. The pile at the front door keeps growing and you would think we are off for a week not just 24 hours. Paul and I have the deluxe 6 person Mansion tent complete with double air mattress and everyone else had 2 bedroom condo tents. Cindy and I are both bringing Hammocks as well – they will come in handy for lounging or in case it is too hot to sleep in a tent.

We looked like Sanford and Son as we rolled into town and piled out of the cab. Cindy’s cart was also jam packed for our camping adventure.

More to come pic uploaded and I am off to Maureen’s Birthday party.

Camping was crazy fun. From the minute we pulled up to the beach you could feel everyone’s excitement levels double.

Seaduced has the best spot to because it is well set up with ‘outdoor furniture’ we had a table for flashlights sunscreen and other assorted stuff – a long cooking/food table – a bar – eating area and a proper barbecue. There were even ropes already tied on the trees for our hammocks.

We swam all day and Molly had a ball running around. Ate like kings – turns out we had way to much food but Cindy and I both agreed better to much than not enough. Met some new people – a husband and wife pilots small world moment for Jeff who was also a pilot. Rick and Coleen came by for dinner and cocktails and invited us to Island Perk North for mo9rning coffee.

There was an amazing lightening show all evening and not long after Rick and Coleen left it started throwing down with rain. Luckily we were all packed up and tarped before hand. Only issue with rain was that Cindy and Jeff’s tent leaked so we moved all their gear to our tent and Cindy & Molly came to hang out for a while – we had a running joke about wet sandy ftte and doga at that point and we all knew there was notging we could do to keep the sand out. Jeff worked on fixing their tent and hanging out by the fire under the trees. No Mosquitoes the whole time even after the rain which was damn lucky.

Early next morning we had an unwelcome visitor some sandfleas – they went away after a while and we carried on enjoying ourselves. It was such a treat to go to Island Perk North for morning coffee and a quick round of Bocce ball. After we went back to camp packed it all up and went for a last swim before Elito came back to bring us home.

We all agreed this was a fantastic first run for island camping right down to the rain and will be a regular thing.

Shout out to Matt and Jo and Dick and Carole for loaning us the extra tent we needed and to my cousin Erin and friend Faby was thinking of you while packing and how much you both would enjoy this trip. Coleman dome tent is one item on the list for future now that I know we will use it.

12 thoughts on “Robles Point Camping Adventure

  1. tacogirl says:

    EPR – you have to supply own tents – food and have a minimum 8 people. Seaduced are the company who on the property up north and that is where they do their beach barbecue day trips. Since we live there they agreed to let us camp there overnight – it was so much fun.

  2. EPR says:

    Hey how do you get set up with a camping adventure while in Belize? Do you have to bring your own tent and food? How much does the boat trip out there cost? Your pics look awesome and I would love to have an adventure like that!

  3. shannon carter says:

    what an awesome trip! i’m so bummed i missed out but glad to see y’all had fun! loved seeing cbt! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. tacogirl says:

    John had a blast Char รขโ‚ฌโ€œ he was needing some r&r.

    Was awesome Tanya hoping more people will come next time.

    Already in preparation for next time Cindy ha ha. Been cleaning the mat PJ gave me and thinking to ask him how much for a second one it will be great to sleep on.

  5. tacogirl says:

    We had a blast Ruthie and are already making plans to get more tents and go back again.

    You are on the invite list anytime Erin you would have been in heaven.

    We do our best Bill ha ha.

  6. Ruthie & Chunk says:

    Wow, looks like a good time was had by all. Looks like a combination of Survivor and Gilligan’s Island!

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