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A Tribute to Rick

Late last night my phone started ringing – it was still in my bag and I scrambled to get it before the person hung up. I knew the call had to be about Rick and I figured it was Ben saying he needed help in one way or another. It turned out to be Drummer Dan telling me that Rick is no longer with us and had gone peacefully in his sleep. Although Rick was sick it still came as a slight surprise because a few of us agreed that Rick was seemingly getting better and yesterday afternoon Rick and I were making plans for his recovery therapy and getting him into shape at the big pool down the road. He even knew which days aquafit classes were and was excited to go.

Crazy CanucksThis is my favorite picture of Rick taken at Crazy Canucks. Cindy was passing out some cubed soap samples from the rub a dub soap company for us to try. I picked a piece up and said to Rick smell this it is really good. Well he thought it was a piece of cheese or something and took a good bite out of it. The look on his face was priceless when he realized he was chowing down on soap – we laughed so hard as you can tell by the smile on Ricks face as he posed for the after shot with the soap.

I found about 5 pics of Rick so far – I know there are lots more somewhere on the blog – a bit like looking for needles in haystacks. He liked it when I posted his picture so I do not mind taking the time to look for then and it brings back good memories. When Paul Rick and I lived together at the green house he asked me to put my blog and Tim & Tina’s Island life to his favorites so he could follow along and he used to tell me when he had checked and saw I put his picture up.

Rick was a great roommate – Paul and I really enjoyed living with him. He had a lot of great stories to tell and we made a few stories of our own through out the course of our time there. He was always a happy – even if he was complaining about something he still managed to laugh about it. Rick’s smile and laughter was larger than life – he could put you in a better mood just by being near him.

I got this email today from Ruthie and Chunky in response to my request for people to send a few words so I could print and show Rick that everyone is thinking about him.

Hi Laurie…

I’m so sorry to hear about Rick’s health issues. Please tell him that we are wishing and hoping for a speedy recovery! It’s so wonderful to hear how everyone is banding together to help Rick gain his health back and continue to “live the dream!”

Ruthie & Chunk

San Pedro Belize

Madisco Belize

San Pedro Belize

Island Perk - downtown San Pedro BelizeI was just reminded inb a very funny pm by azbob about the sunset cruise that Rick came on and managed to find a few more pics.

Seaduced by Belize

Found some more… this next batch is are pics I took when Rick had loaned us his golf cart. He came to rescue us after we called him to see what he would like us to do because had stalled stalled in town by Belize bank and the Chili Cook off at Crazy Canucks.

Belize Bank

Belize Bank

Belize Bank

RealIntelligent – Character – Kind

Crazy Canucks

Crazy Canucks

Crazy Canucks

I just remembered another post to check for a Rick Pic but have promised myself a break so am posting this now and will add them later. Still having trouble finding a pic of Drummer Dan Rick and maybe Jack doing coffee time on the porch at Chez Caribe – hoping it will turn up.

These next pictures were taken at my mini golf birthday pool party at the San Pedro Fitness club. That was the day our turned off tv started smoking as Paul – Rick and I were just getting ready to head off to my birthday party. I know Rick was looking forward to the party but he did not want me to be late for my own party and told us to go on ahead that he would stay and make sure our house did not spontaneously combust and wait for Handyman Eddie to turn up [which took a while] – that is the kind of guy he was. I was glad he was able to make it in the end.

San Pedro Fitness Club

San Pedro Fitness Club

Email below just in from Miss Stacy she lived in the green house with Rick before we did and she and Rick were very close and spent a lot of time together. Rick often told me how he much missed Stacy after she had moved. Miss Joy also was there for a short bit after Stacy had left and I have many fond memories of hanging out with Miss Joy and Rick.

Just reading your post…. what was so interesting is the photo you chose of both Rick and Ms. Joy… as you know she made her transition several months back…

one of my reasons for coming back to the states, as she too became ill in Placencia and I spent several months caring for her and eventually bring her back to the USA to complete her last days with her family…

I giggled when I saw the picture.

As I laid on the bed after reading your email and quietly slipped into my heart to connect with Rick.

I could feel his presence and a big ole grin was beaming my way…

I said “Hey Rick, well look at where you are now”…the first thing I heard him say was “FUCK, this is great! If I knew it was so great here I would have left that God damn $%^%&&**((( a long time ago! This is great!

Of course I just laughed… I knew he would just love it where ever he’s roaming to now!

I also thought to ask him if he saw Ms. Joy and if he did send my love… but I didn’t because, I felt infinity is HUGE, so what are the odds he’d reconnect with her…

So you can imagine how I felt when I opened your Blog, in anticipation of your wonderful thoughts. And there they were, the two of them sitting together! I laughed, because it was a clear sign for me that they indeed have connected and I can just hear Ms. Joy saying to Rick, I told you, you were going to drink yourself here! LoL…

I suspect she’s showing him the ropes and I suspect to receive a lot of yummy conversations from them as well…

LoL… this existence just keeps getting sweeter…

love love my girl

This one was taken on a pit stop at Crazy Canucks on my way home from blogging HC school Valentines Party.

crazy canucks

Tomorrow night at Crazy Canucks 5ish . Rick wants this to be a celebration . Who has the funniest story ? We know there are some good ones out there , come for a few laughs. Tim Callanan

12 thoughts on “A Tribute to Rick

  1. Jim Sanford says:

    hi laurie … i have been off my computer for awhile and just heard about the passing of my good friend rick … i will definitely miss him and his wacky sense of humour … my condolences to his family and friends in san pedro … we shared so funny moments and laughs together … it will be different not having him around when i return this winter …i raise a glass of rum along with a smile to you my friend … blessings … jim

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Renita – Tim – Ben and Drummer Dan were instrumental in Rick’s Care. Was interesting how Rick’s health brought this group together.

  3. RDD says:

    We only knew Rick from a couple cookouts’ but he always made a point to say hello when he was zooming by on his bike. Thanks Laurie for introducing us…we know he was close to your heart. You are so so so kind to always take care of so many of us. He will miss you as much as you miss him. May he rest in peace in the paradise without parking lots. RDD

  4. Steven says:

    Hi tg,
    Maybe I have no business leaving a note here. I have read all that you had written about Rick and have looked at the pictures of him and when a fellow such as Rick leaves SUCH an impression upon people like he apparently did I wished that I would of had the opportunity to meet and visit with him, its so sad when a great personality like his is taken. All that being said I say to you “Master Rick” RIP.

  5. azbob says:

    Rick is sailing into the sunset with his favorite rum drink in his hand and smiling with ever wave!
    He will be missed, but not forgotten.

  6. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Remo your words are very much appreciated. I was thinking earlier this aft that he is with my Dad and friend Roy where ever that is – even though they had never met him I know the 3 of them would all get along.

  7. Remo says:

    I never had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Rick but I would still like to offer my condolences to his family, loved ones and friends.

    May he be in a better place than we are.

    Rest in Peace Mr. Rick.

  8. Laura says:

    So sorry to read about your friend, Rick. He sounds like a great guy. Those of us who read you daily feel as if you and yours are a part of us. It’s always sad to lose someone with whom you are close. I’ll say extra prayers for you and Rick’s friends who now must celebrate his life and passing. Laura

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