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How I spent my 4th of July

One thing that people do not always consider as a result of a tropical storm is the amount of garbage blown up on the beaches. Cindy decided to organize a clean up crew today and together we picked up about 15 various sized bags of garbage. Well done Cindy for getting us out there on a gorgeous day to help clean up the island. Time for some breakfast and r&r with my book as we have 50 million events to go to later on. Ok slight exaggeration there but we will be quite busy doing a 4th of July crawl between Crazy Canucks Jam – visiting Rick – pool party at San Pedro Fitness Club and Vicky’s surprise party tonight at Tackle Box.

Went for a Joy Ride with Dick and Carole this aft. We were going to stop in and get the last Rick’s prescriptions that needed filling but he called when we were on our way there and said he really wanted a nap right now and if I could wait to come by till later he would appreciate that. So we crossed that errand off and set out to do the ones on Dick and Carole’s list and I took advantage of driving around town to snap some pics for my stock file. When they were done errands they dropped me off at the pool for the 4th of July pool party. I hung out for a bit and decided to go when Paul turned up as I wanted to get in a visit with Rick and see some of Derricks last Jam party before he heads off to Berklee Summer camp.

Rick was in good spirits today and cracking jokes about how he has never been arrested on the 4th of July. He said that Fritz came by earlier to see him and Derrick was supposed to drop by later. Progress report for today – he is able to get out of bed on his own but still needs 2 people to get him back in. Soon as he is a bit more mobile I have promised to kick his butt to the pool and he is willing to come. Off to tackle box now for Vicky’s Birthday – pics from that will come in the morning.

I have to admit as I was about to leave for Vicky’s birthday party I was a bit jealous of Paul watching Star Wars on the couch and wanted to be there too but I had promised Mario I would go. Dick Carole and I got there a bit late which turned out to be a good thing as Vicky and Mario arrived not long after. The Tackle Box was packed for Karaoke night with DJ Debbie who had everyone singing and dancing. Ovi was doing free rum shots – I am officially casting my vote for Ovi as the best shots maker – they go down so smooth. Last night they were fruity tasting and so good I drank 3 of them. Anyone who knows me well knows I rarely do shots – can think of maybe twice if that in the 4 years we have been living here that is until I met Ovi and sampled his delicious creations.

As we were getting ready to leave we got to see Sam put on a special birthday show for his mom. One of the guys was teaching him to break dance out on the deck and doing a fabulous job. He was able to help Sam do flips and showing him some super cool moves.

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