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Derrick’s Airport Party

We all agreed it was hard to believe the day was finally here that Derrick was hopping on a plane on his journey to Berklee Summer Music Camp in Boston. Friends and family came out to see him off and we knew he was in good hands with Drummer Dan and Bill escorting him there. Linda Gave Derrick an envelope with the money she cad collected through raffling a painting of him. Just like Rick with his usd donation she was pleased to be contributing to Derrick’s fun money in the states and wanted to make sure that he had enough.

Some of you may not know this – Derrick’s first plane ride ever was in June with Tropic Air to go to Belmopan to get his visa’s sorted out. Today was his second ever puddle jumper flight and first ever international flight. I can’t wait to hear how his trip was and what he thought of the big plane and Miami airport.

10 thoughts on “Derrick’s Airport Party

  1. tacogirl says:

    This experience seems to be a perfect match for Derrick. Can’t imagine how life changing this will be for him. So glad Dan is there with him to share the moment.

  2. tq says:

    That’s so great. I always like to hear of Belizeans getting to have these awesome experiences like traveling to the U.S. Esp this very honorable experience Derrick is getting. Its so awesome!

  3. Caribbean Colors says:

    I love all the pictures of Dan in shoes. He cleans up really well. I would never have guessed that he eve owned dress pants and a jacket! I am so glad everything worked out for Derrick to go

  4. tacogirl says:

    Hi Drummer Jay – Derrick was totally Rockstar at the airport. I agree about Drummer Dan going and he totally needed to be on that plane with Derrick. Dan has got some music people lined up to see Derrick while he is in Boston and he told me that when the school does concerts he wanted to have Derrick see one familiar face in the audience.

  5. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Remo. Derrick is such a great kid and so worth everything. I am glad he is not alone either and that Dan and Bill are with him. I do not blame you about hating passing through customs. It is so over the top lately with those puffer machines and all that.

  6. tacogirl says:

    They are both so excited Wendy and Drummer Dan has been talking about how many texts a day he gets from Derrick and how amped up he was getting right before they left.

  7. Drummer Jay says:

    I see Derrick is handling his “Rockstar” status well,
    I am so proud of him.

    Glad to see that Dan could make the trip also especially after all the B.S. that went on.

    It is hot in Boston this week, So they will feel right at home.

  8. Remo says:

    Its truly a good deed you all did for that fellow. Amazing what can be accomplished when determined people put their minds together for a common goal.

    One of my workers has NEVER been on a plane or set foot outside of Belize other than Chetumal a few times when he was younger. He is 52 years old now. So, your friend Derrick is not doing too bad for his age so far:)

    At least Derrick is not traveling alone. I always felt rather apprehensive traveling alone to Halifax, NS and hated passing through Customs especially. A couple times (after 9/11) they did full searches from top to bottom and asked a zillion questions but that is another story there.

    Anyway, best of luck to Derrick and hope he has a good time in the USA.


  9. Wendy says:

    Wow! Drummer Dan cleaned up good! Shoes too?
    Can’t imagine how excited he and Derrick are.

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