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Wacky Weather Worldwide and a Weekend Massage

Wacky weather is a worldwide phenomenon right now, between the news and people I know in various places I have been learning a lot about weird September weather. For us here in Belize it has been par for the course with alternating heavy rains and sunny periods, for others it means a wide range of things from Aircon to UGGS. Montana Weather: Gotta love our weather… It is currently 85 and sunny…HOT out. Note ...

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Scattered clouds in San Pedro Belize

My favorite weather app is showing scattered clouds for San Pedro Belize and colder than yesterday which means we are experiencing a cool 29c  opposed to the balmy 31c we experienced yesterday :) I know some of you are about to get hit with more snow like the Wags. Hopefully your upcoming trip to Belize and being able to finally see people in the big pool as you help me test the webcam will help you through ...

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Belize forecast – bikini weather

If votes had been cast and decisions made based on today's weather, Belize could have made the 10 Countries With Perfect Climates list. Perfect weather, hot and sunny with a few fluffy clouds and no real wind. When I got the email from my Helena Montana Weather man this morning telling me he was suffering -27 temperatures and  wishing he was in San Pedro, I could not resist writing him back and mentioning t ...

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“Polar vortex” hits San Pedro Belize

I have not checked the temp, temp but sitting here with cold hands n feet and I am wearing socks. It feels crazy cold today, there is a strong wind that has been howling off and on all morning. In addition to a hoodie and long pants, I have a bandana on and airline blanket while working at my desk. I also pulled out our comforter for later and we switched our evening plans and invited Matt to watch basketba ...

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