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Hot, Swarmy and a Big Shout Out

For 8:00 am on Sunday it is pretty quiet in the San Pablo area. Oddly enough it was noisier at 5:00 am when I awoke to a singing neighbor. It could be worse; sometimes we get a confused rooster crowing long before daylight. I had made plans to go to breakfast with Paul this morning. […]

Recap of June Weather in Belize and 3 Celebrations

Slow season is upon us once again although it was not feeling so slow for a while due to my involvement with the Red Cross’ 3 back to back volunteer vacation groups. Which explains my absence of late, for some much needed R&R. Hosting the groups was fun but it wore me out. 🙂 That, […]

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Soul Train Christmas in Belize

For many people, somewhere along the way, the Holiday Season became more about the stuff and work than the enjoyment. Aside from sun and sand, Christmas in Belize is not just about shopping and colorful lights, it’s also a time to recognize a simpler way of life. While Caye Supplies does start putting out Christmas […]