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Record Breaking Weekend and Belize Weather in November

Everyday choices affect our overall well-being inside and out and lately my choices have affected my sleep. The past week I clocked my average bedtime at 12:37 a.m., nearly two hours later than usual and my average wake time was 6:36 a.m., also on the late side.  This was not surprising considering the start of last weekend […]

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Jokers, Calm Caribbean Sea and Thanks

Sometimes the simplest jokes are the funniest as was the case yesterday at Christian’s Birthday party. While he and Barb were enjoying King Edwards by the pool,  Joe and Arne decided to fake him out and blow out the candles on his cake first. This ended up happening three times and each one was funnier […]

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Scattered Clouds in San Pedro Belize

My favorite weather app is showing scattered clouds for San Pedro, and it’s colder than yesterday, which means we are experiencing a cool 29°C, opposed to the balmy 31°C we experienced yesterday. I know some of you are about to get hit with more snow like the Wags. Hopefully your upcoming trip to Belize and […]