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Record Breaking Weekend and Belize Weather in November

Everyday choices affect our overall well-being inside and out and lately my choices have affected my sleep. The past week I clocked my average bedtime at 12:37 a.m., nearly two hours later than usual and my average wake time was 6:36 a.m., also on the late side.  This was not surprising considering the start of last weekend had my social calendar filled with parties and, unknowingly,  I was about to set a record for the almost 9 years I have lived here.

Day 1, Friday I was finally able to unchain myself from my desk and make it to Wayo’s Beach Bar Halloween fundraiser for the San Pedro Aids Commission.  Sadly most of my allotted time there was eaten up by a check point on the way. After Wayo’s, Wade and Kathy were heading south and gave me a ride to San Pedro Red Cross Trivia Night at Crazy Canuck’s where $100 was raised for the Red Cross. Then it was on to the Pimp n Ho Party at Pedro’s and finished off the night at Lola’s. All were great parties. Big shout out to Jody Iguess, Richard Rodriguez, Bob Cook and Carry from Texas who won the auctioned Pumpkin Flavored Oreo’s for $46.75, which were then deep fried and shared with the Friday night trivia crowd.

Day 2 of parties involved the famous Saturday night ‘San Pedro Poker Run’ starting at Caribbean Villas Beach Bar, then onto Roadkill Bar, followed by Lola’s Pub, Wayo’s Beach Bar and finishing at Pedro’s. I was so close to winning the $900 pot with three 10’s when Kathy and Lois beat my hand and split the pot. I am glad they both won as it was Lois’ goingaway weekend and now Kathy can not claim she never wins anything anymore as this is her second poker run cash out.

Day 3 was one long beach party at Caribbean Villas. Keith sang, Matt did a few DJ sets and Hayley, Barb, a few kids and I hula hooped. Of course bbq was on the menu and I had iced coffee and key lime pie too.

There you have it – my record of 10 party places in 3 days.  Thankfully during all that time we were not rained out much. The fast downpour Friday night could not keep Sara and I from ducking away from Lola’s and heading for the taco stands. My Homer Simpson burger was worth getting a little wet – we were smart enough to pack raincoats.

So far the Belize weather for the month of November has brought northeast winds and a few cool windy days with a mix of clouds and sunshine. As the day has gone on, it has warmed up a bit. November is a transitional period and I consider this fall-like weather with some cooler temperatures and some chances of rain. Click to learn more about Belize in November.

Our past few cool days are still warm to travelers and for those of us who are acclimatized, they make perfect napping weather. There is nothing like being able to siesta with a warm fuzzy blanket.

Notable nappers Churchill, Einstein and JFK, all recharged their batteries with an afternoon nap. They all knew catching a few zzz’s can improve focus, mood, and overall performance.

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