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Jokers, Calm Caribbean Sea and Thanks

Sometimes the simplest jokes are the funniest as was the case yesterday at Christian’s Birthday party. While he and Barb were enjoying King Edwards by the pool,  Joe and Arne decided to fake him out and blow out the candles on his cake first. This ended up happening three times and each one was funnier than the last.  It was a very fun day celebrated with great friends and plenty of yummy food!

belize meat
Two great cooks team up on barbecue
barbecue bacon wrapped shrimp belize
Jalapeño stuffed, bacon wrapped shrimp
belize expats
Always a favorite, Apples to Apples and Belize Chocolate Company treats got inhaled fast then we had Carbuyy’s Wispa
san pedro belize
We pigged out and laughed like crazy all night
belize celebration
Especially when everyone kept blowing out his candles before he had a chance

This next set of pictures shows our weather over the weekend.  It has been beautiful and slightly wet weather, calm Caribbean Sea, cool breezes and occasional short heavy rainstorms. For those of you who might not have caught my facebook page sunrise picture, it was a great one this morning. I was really glad I caught it (screenshot below) on the webcam hosted by Grand Caribe.

belize beaches
Watching the barge go by
belize beach
Reading and relaxing on the beach
belize businesses
Grace foods had a sale on in the park
sunrise belize
Beautiful sunrise

On Tuesday, October 14, the San Pedro Red Cross received a $1,500 BZD donation from the Hell Fighters Foot Soldiers.  The donation was received in a small ceremony held at Ramon’s Village. The Hell Fighters Foot Soldiers wanted to raise money for a good cause and asked Mayor Daniel his thoughts.  The Mayor told them he felt that the San Pedro Red Cross was a worthwhile organization.  They agreed and as they had not contributed at the time of the Boca Del Rio fire, they decided the group would donate this money to start a BRCSP emergency fund. Money for the donation was raised with a food booth at the Costa Maya celebration. The San Pedro Branch appreciates this generous donation.  The donation will help Ambergris Caye towards becoming prepared for future emergencies.  They believe it is important to build Ambergris Caye’s capacity by being prepared for emergencies in advance. The BRCSP thanks the Mayor for his recommendation and the Hell Fighters for their dedication and hard work to support a good cause. Thanks goes out to  the hardworking crew of Maricela Badillo , Patricia Sabido , Nori Martinez , Betty Badillo , Leonor Marroquin , Ruth Orellana , Ismael MAYO Badillo , Roberto Sabido, Francisco Gongora , Bernabe Badillo , Isais Magana , Victor Peralta, Avimael Chuc, Dennis Sabido , Mariano Contreras , Rigoberto Chuc  and Jose Camal for all your hard work and generous donation. The Hellfighters group is a non-denominational league of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen who help, feed, shelter and clothe the homeless. After receiving the donation, the Red Cross was off to Tropic Cargo so Frank Panton could pick up the first aid kit headquarters had sent over to fill Caribbean Villas’ order.  Caribbean Villas have staff trained in first aid and recognized they needed a good first aid kit at the resort to be properly prepared. In preparation for emergencies, consider getting a Belize Red Cross First Aid Kit for your home or office. It is important to have first aid supplies in a recognizable container. Your kits should be checked every 6 months (beginning and ending of hurricane season) to make sure they are properly stocked. The Red Cross has first aid kits available for the home and business. If you would  like to know more about Red Cross first aid kits or send staff for first aid training please contact or Laurie Norton

belize red cross
Raising money for San Pedro Belize Red Cross picture courtesy of Hell Fighters
helping the belize red cross raise money
Working hard to help San Pedro Red Cross
belize red cross donation
Hell Fighters making a donation to the Belize Red Cross at Ramon’s Village Resort
tropic cargo belize
Frank Panton at Tropic Cargo picking up a Belize Red Cross first aid kit
 belize beach resort
Delivering the Business first aid kit to Caribbean Villas
red cross first aid kit
Deluxe business first aid kit

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