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Soul Train Christmas in Belize

For many people, somewhere along the way, the Holiday Season became more about the stuff and work than the enjoyment. Aside from sun and sand, Christmas in Belize is not just about shopping and colorful lights, it’s also a time to recognize a simpler way of life. While Caye Supplies does start putting out Christmas items before Halloween and the island is more commercial than when I turned up almost 9 years ago, there is still a noncommercial side of life here. This year, one of the DFC boys we know asked Barb if she would get him a Christmas present. When she asked what he wanted, he replied “grapes and apples.” How many kids do you know that would ask for fresh fruit for Christmas? Barb and I decided to make candy bags for kids and gave them out in DFC with our fruit delivery and in San Pedrito on our way to Arn and Christian’s party. The kids were super excited and no one questioned their taking candy from strangers. We were out of candy fast and managed to save one back for Darcy who we were about to see at the party. The drive along the lagoon was tranquil and beautiful, except for the trash along the airstrip. Darcy and her sister Kimberly were already at the party when we arrived. We settled in and Arn handed out thoughtful presents – nothing says tropical Christmas like foam squirt tubes and a water fight as the sunset on the lagoon 🙂  To make the view even more enhanced, they had huge speakers and an awesome 40 gig music selection, of course it was not long before the dancing started. Now Soul Train usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Christmas, however it was a natural phenomenon that night. Dancing beside the Ambient tree decorated by Christian and Brighton that afternoon was another reminder of the simplicity of Christmas in Belize – good people, delicious food and we did not need a lot to have a good time. Another good time was had by all at the Annual Sad Bastards Party at Pedro’s – this was our 8th year attending. Barb and Joe opted in this year as they did not want the hassle of cooking Christmas day. We both scored at the gift game and my strategy of stealing Kathy’s fancy Calphalon fry pans landed me a nice sushi set in the end and she got her pots back. Barb was hoping for the citrus juicer and ended up with a cool Halo portable charger instead. Back track to before the Christmas – On Ambergris Caye, accomplishing your errand list over the holidays can be  complicated to say the least. There are long lines and things sell out fast. Mine would have been an epic failure due to long bank lines, but I managed to somehow save the day and get something other than a delicious lunch at Mesa Bistro. Thanks to Joe for making a pit stop to buy a new horn piece, I found my gift game gift at Captain Sharks – a well stocked first aid kit. My holiday preparations were slim so I was in for as much time off as I could get this season and happy to accompany Kendall on his errand run south to go to the Port Authority. It was a perfect day to combine his work with a picnic and get some tranquil downtime showing him all my favorite spots down south. As you will see in the pictures below from the boat yard and hula hooping at the pool with Aimee that morning, we have been enjoying some great weather over the season. Although we have had some rain, it is not nearly as much compared to last year. The following forum post December Weather in Belize can inspire you in planning your next Christmas in Belize. Here are is a slideshow of our drive around the boat docks, for your visual enjoyment. 🙂 [slideshow_deploy id=’32233’]

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  1. Deanna says:

    I am traveling to Ambergris Caye Belize at the end of January. I am wondering if there are any toys, school, sports, or art supplies that might be useful to a local children’s support agency that I could bring with me. Can you provide contact info if available?

    Thanks, Deanna

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