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Ocean Academy has a secret

The Secret is a movie Ocean Academy students saw about the Law of Attraction that states that every person has the ability to attract things into their life with thoughts and intentions. Negative thinking and beliefs can attract negativity, and thinking positive things all the time can attract positivity into one’s life.

The teachers challenged their students to create their own vision boards. You can see in the pictures below what positive things these young people hope to attract to their lives.

Ocean Academy does a great job providing a unique and hands-on education for the children of Caye Caulker. The vision of the school is to create an environment where students are welcome to come and learn, regardless of their previous academic achievement or socioeconomic status. Classes include basic subjects like math, science and English, as well as interdisciplinary subjects tailored to the locale. Ocean Academy has received national and international recognition for their scuba diving, kayaking, fly-fishing, windsurfing and marine biology electives. These programs serve many purposes, including attracting and retaining non-traditional students, preparing students for high-paying local jobs, providing physical education (PE), and building student self esteem. The school also offers an apprenticeship program in photography, office skills, masonry and business.

With a very limited budget provided by the Belizean government, Ocean Academy is made possible because of donors like you. Donations fund more than 60% of the school’s budget. Donate to Friends of Ocean Academy (tax-deductible donation)

You can also like Ocean Academy Facebook page to show support.

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Change your attitude change your life – courtesy of Ocean Academy
belize school
Vision boards is a great way for kids to plan their future – picture courtesy of Ocean Academy
 ocean academy caye caulker belize school
Getting kids thinking about life goals is important – picture courtesy of Ocean Academy

2 thoughts on “Ocean Academy has a secret

  1. tacogirl says:

    I am not sure which version Sharyn. I thought it was pretty amazing that kids on a small island in Belize were getting shown the movie and learning about the Law of Attraction.

  2. Sharyn says:

    Awesome! Did they see the original version or the second version? The original one is much better because it explains just *how* Law of Attraction works.

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