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Nightlife in Belize

San Pedro Loves to Party


It’s no secret San Pedro Loves to Party and celebrating NYE 2015 was super fun. It started out at a private roof top party which was a great place to watch the spectacular 45 minute fireworks show. We also enjoyed watching an annual tradition, Lola’s Pub NYE street party from above. We could see everyone dancing in the street. This year they had a DJ set up across the street at Belize Bank.

After the roof party had cleared out and we cleaned up, we headed downstairs to catch the end of Lola’s then a bunch of our group went on to Fido’s to continue the fun. Kendall and I decided food was in order first and walked to the park – nothing says happy new year like street meat 🙂 The line up was long at our favorite taco stand, so we opted for getting a burger and a burrito from one of the girls that had no line up. Food was good, but I still like my regular girl best and I am pretty sure Kendall would say the same for the one he, Matt and Sara frequently had.

New years day was a special treat. Barb and Joe planned a big prime rib dinner with twice baked cheesy potatoes and all kinds of other yummy treats, and then we got to play cards against humanity (my Christmas present to myself). That game is damn funny and a definite statement about the world right now – no holds barred and crazy.

Aside from being a special treat it was also my “last supper” as the next day I started 30 days of clean eating. No white flour, sugar, dairy, caffeine red meat or things with any words I cannot pronounce on the label. Barb is joining me soon, but with all the leftovers in the house she said it would be too torturous to start January 2nd.

As for resolutions, aside from good health, the only broad one I made this year was to add more excitement and adventure to life. No matter where you are, there’s always something new to explore and the sense of excitement and adventure that comes with it fuels our fire for inspiration and creativity. Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, fun and prosperous 2015.

George Carlin said it well – Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

lolas pub san pedro

Annual street party Lola’s

If you are in vacation party mode and want to know beers available in Ambergris Caye you will find lots of input on TripAdvisor Belize forum.

DJ matt hoy belize

DJ Ahoy

To see some amazing fireworks pictures by Karen Brodie Photography and read an interesting reflection visit Reset and Restore Belize blog.

news years 2015 belize

Spectacular fireworks show

news years 2015 san pedro belize

Annual NYE fireworks

news years 2015 san belize

45 minutes of fun

belize meat

Joe and Barb’s awesome prime from Reinland meats


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