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Volleyball and CPR at The Belize Zoo

San Pedro Belize Red Cross Youth at Belize Zoo Camp by Ashty Dennison

Who knew there could be so more fun than just getting to see (and touch) the animals at the zoo?

The Tropical Education Center (TEC) and the Belize Zoo are one company which allows for overnight stays, with amazing possibilities. See some great pics of the animals and accommodations on Trip to Belize Zoo, Old Belize and Cucumber Beach and Belize Zoo night tour.

The Facility’s Setup

The setup is wonderful. You can bring along your tents and sleep under the stars or utilize their dorms and/or pond houses with a lovely view of the pond where there are many turtles basking in the sun and the croc lurking somewhere about- they say, but we didn’t see him. There is a library on site with a vast collection of information for research purposes. There are trails to follow which may lead to the discovery of a wide range of wildlife that roams free in the vast forested area that’s been kept naturally undisturbed for the most part, the birds carrying on their grumbles and the tarantula peeking out of his hole for his next meal. A conference room that includes a display of bones of the mammals, reptiles, and amphibians found within the area is ready to be used for indoor activities. A kitchen and dining hall, located beneath the library and conference room, is opened daily for three meals per day, with incredibly talented and tolerant cooks.

Camp Session

The camp session, organized by the Belize Red Cross Society, was held for five (5) days and included a hodgepodge of activities such as Training Sessions on Communication, Finances, Disaster Risk Reduction, HIV/AIDS Education, First Aid & CPR Training and tournaments such as Volleyball and Trivia, all with the intent of empowering, educating and enabling our youths.

With over 40 excited participants, the training and activities were a blast. The youth were placed in teams and got their game faces on when the competition was about to begin. As each person took part in the events, they learned new things such as how to work as a team, to tie a triangle bandage, to encourage and inform others, to use the strengths of teammates and depend on each other, to speak up and give ideas, to map an area in times of disaster… and the list goes on.

All in all, it was a great experience.

Your turn

Now it’s your turn to visit and enjoy Belize Zoo. Seaduced by Belize does a great day tour from Ambergris Caye, email me for more details at tacogirlbelize[at]

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