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Field Trip to Old Belize and Zoo

Today we are going to the Belize Zoo yay.

We will go meet the ferry soon and then take the boat to Cucumber Beach Marina with the Holy Cross Crew. After that we will get on a bus and head for the Belize Zoo. We brought 3 bags of animal cookies for snacks and the school has packed everyone a lunch. Paul and I are both excited, I can only imagine how the kids feel. Especially since some of them had probably never been off the island let along going to the zoo and riding in a big bus.

I am writing this on the boat in my Samurai Jack notebook. We are on Belize time today for sure. Got to the dock for 7:00 am and we waited to sort out last minute details. Some of the parents who were chaperons came with little kids that were not supposed to be on the trip. There was no one at home to look after them and so the moms brought them along. So Nurse Glenda had to get clearance from the Miss Sharon and Sterling that it was ok.

Finally we all got on a big boat and headed off. The boat did not get too far, the engine was acting up and so we had to go back and take 2 smaller boats. The bigger kids and some adults loaded up on the first boat which left first and the smaller ones some teachers, parents and us on the second leaving about 15 min later. We caught up to the first boat and beat them to Old Belize. When we got there the bus was not waiting for us so a quick call and they came to pick us up. Luckily Alexis saved us a seat, by the time we got on the bus was pretty full.

Once we got to the Zoo we had our lunch and got an introduction from our guide. We saw lots of animals and the kids were really enjoying it all. Afterward we had our snacks before getting back on the bus.

This time I made sure to get on early and save Paul, Alexis and I a good seat near the front. While driving back to Old Belize, and the bus driver pulled to the side of the road and Miss Laura announced that any teachers and parents were free to go across the road to purchase toilet paper. There was a tent outside of a big building and they were selling 48 roll packs for $10.

Paul got out along with the other adults to get us a pack. The kids were all singing on the bus and having a great time. On the boat ride home, we saw a double rainbow. It was a big day and some of the kids that were tired put their heads down on our laps for a rest. We couldn’t think of a better way to end the day than celebrating with a frappe at Island Perk.

Catching the Boat at Fidos / Island Ferry Dock

Happy to go on a field trip

Miss Laura and Kenny got ambushed when they arrived with the bananas and juice

Lining up to go on the boat – library t-shirts to make it easy to keep track of them

Almost ready to leave

Heading out the first time

Getting on the smaller boats – this one left first

Second boat

Alexis Jonathon Miguel and I

Heading into the marina

Cucumber Beach

Time to get on the bus

Heading to the Belize Zoo

Lunch time

Kids won posters by answering questions about the Zoo

Belize Zoo area map

Colorful flower

Spider monkey

Baby deer

White tailed deer



Our guide explaining the animals to the kids

Baby crocodile on a log

Toucan enjoying a snack



Puma skeleton

Howler monkey


Hibiscus tunnel

Learn about Parrots

Nice statues

Jabiru Stork

Baby Jaguar

Jaguar hanging out in the trees


Fancy Bird


Back to the bus after snack time

Roadside stop for toilet paper

Old Belize and Cucumber Beach Marina

Heading for the boats

Hakim Optical Yacht – nice ride

Cucumber Beach Marina boats

Some pretty nice boats in the marina

Bigger kids on the other boat

Smaller kids on the fast boat

Johnathan Paul and Miguel


Passing the other boat on the way home

Double rainbow

3 thoughts on “Field Trip to Old Belize and Zoo

  1. Bill Mc Ghee says:

    What a wonderful addition to the childrens’ education. Field trips are always remembered,not only for the fun but also for the knowledge that’s gained. Thanks Laurie for capturing the day and sharing with us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW! The kids look like they had a wonderful time. Thanks again for sharing such beautiful pictures with us!


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