San Pedro Belize beach pictures

View from the tacoshack

I thought I would show you the view from my desk, as this is where I sit and write. Looking outside the door at the tacoshack I see a big orange flowering tree. That is one of the things I like the most about living in the tropics, all the flowering plants and trees.

Sometimes I see the boy next door riding by on a blue elephant. Often he comes riding or running in here to see what we are doing and look at things. Once I gave him an Oreo and right away he took one of the sides off and began licking the icing. (we develop eating habits early) He likes watermelon too.

(ricoman to answer your comment, we live downtown San Pedro on Ambergris Caye)

this was taken sitting at my desk – it is the view I see when I am sitting at my pc every day

close up of the flowers in the tree

the smallest of our neighbors kids loves to come and visit

he rides around on his blue elephant

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