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This blog is a special request for Julie and the people at St Stephens Church.

Juli wrote me earlier this week saying that a group of people (mostly kids) from her church St Stephen’s in Minnesota just headed down to Belize Saturday morning to volunteer at Holy Cross Anglican School . She asked if I would not mind taking some pictures of their group and doing a blog so that the folks back home could seethe volunteers in action.

I wrote her back mentioning that I had happened to be sitting on the tackle box deck with friends when their group arrived, had seen them coming in to meet Francis, and that I would be happy to do a blog for her. This is actually my first official request. I think it is pretty cool that someone you have never met can find you on the internet and make such ask such a thing.

While photographing the volunteers I got a chance to talk to a few of them and they were really nice people. They all said they were all having a great time (how could you not in San Pedro) and that the experience helping at the school was wonderful. The school and the kids are very lucky to have so many people come and help out.

It takes many drops of water to fill a bucket Thanks St Stephens for helping fill ours a bit more.

St Stephens volunteers

St Stephen’s Volunteers

Washing up after lunch rush

Clean sand fill under new classroom area

Helping out in cafeteria

New sand fill under classroom

5 more classrooms going up faster than the speed of light

New classroom area

Boy in special ed class watching the boys build stairs outside the classroom

The boys are building a staircase

Kids just love being in pictures and taking them – anyone have old digital cameras to donate for a camera club?

Helping out in class

Building a much needed staircase

St Stephen’s Volunteers

Working hard

Painting the new office and clinic area

St Stephen’s Volunteers

New sand fill by the cafeteria

Volunteers cutting some wood for me to make instruments

The girls playing duck duck goose

I had to stop on the bridge and look at the water for a bit – how gorgeous

Traffic jam at the bridge

Saw tons of mullet (I think) swimming back and forth – water was so clear you could see the fish from the bridge

Another San Pedro moment brought to you by tacogirl

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They have done so much since I was there in April.Good going. I bet I just won’trecognize it next Feb.

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