Belize Zoo Night Tour

Our group was very impressed with the Belize Zoo accommodations and night tour. We rented Pond houses for 82USD for the night including breakfast and dinner, 20usd per extra person per room and the night tour was 60USD for 7.5 of us.

Cindy and Marie decided the couples would each get a pond house, I told he could Forrest bunk with us when we found out there was an open style 2 bedroom one. After paying we did a house tour. The three pond houses were all had a rustic cottage feel, ours was the perfect spot to host the party. The only thing that was missing was a non screened in viewing area like the smaller houses had. The layout was super cool though and we had loads of sleeping options. 2 double beds on one side and split with a half wall made up of Bathroom and beside it kitchen on the other side was 1 double bed and a single. Both sleeping areas had their own bathroom and veranda entrance.  I almost forgot rooms also came with ceiling fans and standing fans.

Dinner was meatballs with rice and beans but we opted to go have a bite to eat at a restaurant before our tour and then do a potluck pig out later. We had enough food and drinks to survive a famine 🙂 After we ate we all agreed a short nap time was in order then everyone would meet up at our place and head off for the 7pm tour.

Best of all we ended up virtually bug free. Marie got one bite on her way back to their pond house to spray, Forrest caught one in the shower and commented how much slower they moved on the mainland.

Our guide gave us an excellent tour and was all in for helping us get some great pictures. We tipped him 40 BZD I will give more detail on that once those pics are sorted and uploaded to this post, I am off to have a meeting about another surprise party for Eileen at the pool Tuesday.

For now you can do the Pond house tour and see some of the wildlife that we watched from our veranda while we stuffed ourselves silly, played apples to apples and laughed our @sses off. We also saw a hickatee turtle and to many types of birds to count.

The night tour got posted on Belize time due to ongoing internet issues. I am still trying to get the last 2 up.

Add the night tour at the Zoo to your travel and tour to do list. Perfect for a friends getaway, romantic adventure or an inexpensive family vacation tour option.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the experience.

– Bring bug spray, while we did not have an issue we fully expected to and some even wore long pants just in case.

– Bring snacks, we brought water also but found they had 5 gallon containers.

– Bring a flashlight I brought 3 hand crank ones and they were well used. There is some lighting to help you at night on the pathways but the zoo tour is very dark.

– If you are prone to stubbing your toes consider closed toe shoes. The zoo actually recommends then but I found I was fine in my crocs strappy sandals.

– Practice a few night shots ahead of time on different settings so you can get good night pictures. I bumped up my ISO and used flash for the most part.

4 thoughts on “Belize Zoo Night Tour

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Cayo Scoop, I will share your share on with My linked in group Belize Life 🙂 I am going to be getting the night animal pics up soon up soon. I am racing against time, going to a dinner party tonight, breakfast at Estel’s and a nap won over fighting with the internet 🙂

  2. Charlotte says:

    Wow. Those accommodations look so nice and rustic, love the pictures. I didn’t know you could stay over night in the zoo. The prices are reasonable too.

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