And We Are Off

Got the cooler packed and trivia cards picked out – getting ready for an interesting weekend trip to Mexico. We fly Tropic Air San Pedro to Corozal on the 9 am then 8 of us will pile in Pedro’s van and head to Playa Del Carmen for Taste of Playa on Saturday at Parque Fundadores from 3 pm to 9 pm.

We are staying at a new place this time Hotel Colibri – Pedro’s pick – he booked the rooms and made it easy.

Last major thing on my list is re-syncing my ipod shuffle. I know not such a wise last minute move considering my past shuffle loading episodes but this time I followed the instructions we made and sometimes you just have to wing it.

Definitely more to come.

We made it across the border easily and got a good money exchange 13 to 1. Seems like we were got to Playa in no time at all even with a couple of pit stops along the way to restock the cooler.

First order of business was lunch on the beach where we hooked up with Rob. Then we made our way to Luna Blue for the Peanut Pet Shelter fundraiser and to see Michele. We lost the gang when we went for aracherra by the time we got back they were off wandering. We checked beer barrel and did not find them so we went for ice cream at Hagen Das instead. My Belgium chocolate was great but overall no match for DandiE’s.

Tropic Air San Pedro

Tropic Air Cessna Caravan

San Pedro

Caribbean Sea

Cloud reflections

Tropic Air Belize Cessna Caravan

Pedro's van

Stopping at Customs

Money Exchange

Checking on at Hotel Colibri

Right on the beach

View from our balcony

Lunch on the beach

Ambergris Caye sign

Luna Blue

3 thoughts on “And We Are Off

  1. renee says:

    we stayed at the hotel colibre about 10 years ago and loved it. the location is great and the cabanas were cheap..have a great time

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