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Pen pal

Something happened to me this morning that made me feel like a kid again – I was just asked if I wanted to be a pen pal ha ha. I just wrote lowdenclan back and accepted his offer.

In high school I saw an ad in the paper from a soldier in Poland who was looking for pen pals and we used to snail mail back and forth a bit but eventually lost contact – his picture is still in my jewelery box.

When Paul was about 10 he found a balloon with an address to write to someone in Michigan. The baloon had traveled across lake Huron and landed in their feild – he wrote back and forth a couple of times.

My ADD is keeping me busy today between cleaning – rearranging bedroom furniture – correspondence – writing and other work. I keep doing everything in stages while I wait for the floors to dry to dry.

Carole sent me this pic a long time ago and while I do not usually resend forwards I thought the balloon picture was worth saving.


I wonder what would happen if a bunch of us sent out balloons with messages in them at the same time – any one interested in experimenting?

7 thoughts on “Pen pal

  1. courtney says:

    omg we think alike,once again.i had a balloon thing on my to do list for a while.i want to get a huge bunch and write messages to the universe and put in them then send them up!

  2. Lowdenclan says:

    Very cool! Thanks TGirl…I look forward to our pen paling! I talked to a buddy of mine and he found me an Island about 45 miles off the coast of Belize for sale.:)

    My kids are “IN” after seeing it…If you Facebook, you can track us there too…Talk to you soon! Oh and I am in on the balloons too…Kids and I send some up every year for their mother…

  3. tacogirl says:

    Sure thing Mary Ellen. That is a good idea Becky. My only thought was how to waterproof the addresses and give them the best shot at making it somewhere. Anyone else in?

  4. Becky says:

    It would be fun for us in the states and other places to give you our snail mail address and have you release balloons with our address there on Ambergris Caye to see how far they would go and see if anyone writes back. Post cards would be fun to collect.


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