San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Taste of Playa

Today’s the big day. A few of us are chilling at the beach before heading to Parque Fundadores. Got our vip passes at Luna Blue last night which entitles us to taste everything and enjoy some drinks as well.

Loving the fast internet here – almost forgot what normal speed is like. Beach view while working is great too.

Stay tuned for more

Taste of Playa was fantastic – huge congrats to Michele and all the organizers. So much great food to try we just kept grazing all day getting our passports stamped from all the various places. By the end we were swapping our passports around trading food and drink with each other.

Breakfast with Pedro

View from Zenzi where we use wireless internet

Dj booth at Taste of Playa

Taste of Playa 2009


Michele lookign lovely in her white dress

Rob and Michele

Beef Fajita

Spring roll

Taste of Playa 2009

Shrimp and guacamole

Pedro Paul and Sev

Taste of Playa 2009

Saussages and beef skewers


Taste of Playa 2009

Pedro Paul John Henry and Cindy

Taste of Playa 2009
Coconut Shrimp
VIP tent
Taste of Playa 2009

Mandarin martini
Hanging out in VIP tent
Taste of Playa 2009
Creme brule
Cindy Paul and Rob
Marile Pedro and barefoot skinny

3 thoughts on “Taste of Playa

  1. Michele in Playa says:

    Laurie and everyone – Thank you so much for coming up from San Pedro for Taste of Playa! I know I have said it before but your support is so appreciated and I love you all! Rob and I will be sure to make it down to see you for Savor San Pedro in January!!

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