San Pedro to Corozal Belize to Mexico

Travel Day – Mexico to Belize

Headed back to Belize today. The van is a few people lighter – Pedro is continuing on to England – Mitch, Sev, Jeff and John Henry are staying on an extra day or so. That just leaves Cindy, Phil, Marie, Paul and I with the whole van to ourselves.

Cindy decided to do a short pit stop on the way home and I could not resist taking a few graveyard pics as I really think this is a good way to go. If I do not get sprinkled out to sea when I am gone I hope to end up in a cool house like the ones below.

We made it back in good time – plan was to catch the 3:30 Tropic Air flight from Corozal to San Pedro. On the way back through customs they made me go to the Baja office because I had 2 apples in my cooler. The guy in the office was really nice and believed me when I said everything in the cooler except the olive oil had come from San Pedro and was now going back again.




Road side houses

Paul reading

Flying over Corozal

Welcome sign in San Pedro

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