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Turning 42

I was not going to go to the pool today but Monel texted me last night and said he was baking for my birthday – he made me a taco shaped cake and Ruth came by after class.

When I got home Paul had decorated the front hallway with a sign and streamers and a nice present.

I got emails from my mom and brother – numerous birthday wishes on face book have 35 still to look at and reply to – posts on 2 message boards – snorkel trip to Hol Chan and more. I decided to put myself on bare minimum work today.

My friend Monique always said ” a girls got a right to change her mind” So after hanging out with Dick for a few hours this aft I took her words to heart and decided instead of getting everyone to do take out on a dock tonight and sky watch – I just wanted to chill out quietly at home and order in from Shelly – a badly stubbed toe was good reason to chill. Cindy Paul and I watched Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Belize World on Travel Channel.

view lounging by the pool

taco cake

tacoboys decorations

3 thoughts on “Turning 42

  1. Amy says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You share your birthday with some very special people in my life. My father( passed on ) but I always remember his anyway on account of my bestie who lives in Oregon also has the same birthday. She however is still kickin it. Who hoo.
    Have a great birthday.
    Love and Light, Amy

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Harold.

    A big part of the garbage problem is lack of proper roads for trash pick up. That area in particular was never meant to be lived in for many reasons but they went ahead and let that happen anyways and as a result there are a whole bunch of issues that need to be fixed.

  3. harold cox says:

    hi there tacogirl ,a very happy birthday to you . i ‘m writing to you about one of your columns building a community . i can understand about the lack basic services because i to grew up like that [in central Alberta] but why dose there have to be so much garbage.the reason i am asking is that is that i would like to help but my help is a long time away .i have been reading your blog and about the country for over a year now with the intent to move there . but since i read those columns on la Vida i think i have better reason now .we plan to visit in June for ten days .i don’t if it is appropriate to write you here or not so feel free to ignore me or answer on my email thank you Harold Alberta Canada

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