Develop Your Eccentricities

I think David Ogilvy was  bang on with this thought – Develop your eccentricities while you are young. That way, when you get old, people won’t think you’re going gaga.

I am feeling very TGIF today – decided that my best course of action was to get up early – get as much as I could done then take off for a short adventure trip to the mainland.

Flight to Municipal / Belize city was just what I needed – a nice break away. Did not stay too long quick trip to Canadian consulate – cab ride around the city – pit stop at the restaurant near municipal airport – quick hang out in the outdoor lounge at Tropic Air and back to the island by 1pm.

Tropic Air has announced new late evening flights between Belize City Municipal and San Pedro beginning 15 March 2011. Flights depart San Pedro daily at 6:00 pm, and depart Belize City  Municipal daily at 6:30 pm.

Easter fundraiser pics on Saga Facebook page or of you missed my Sunday Hoppy Easter post. Coleen sent me the Saga Thank you list below for their Easter Sunday fundraiser.

Saga Humane Society says Thank You!

Saga Humane Society would like to thank everyone for their generous support of our Easter Fundraiser April 24, 2011. The festivities were held at Caribbean Villas with our gracious hosts Graham & Ruth Veralls. Without the help of our volunteers and generous donors, this event would not have been possible.

Road Kill Bar – $50.00 Bar Tab
George’s Kitchen – Breakfast or Lunch for two – $30.00
My Secret Deli – Dinner for two
Polo’s Golf Cart Rentals – (3) Hour Golf Cart Rental
Wahoo Lounge – $50 Bar Tab
Mojito Bar & Grill – $50 Bar Tab
Belizean Arts – Statue Caribbean Sand Woman
Fido’s – Dinner for two
Santiago Acosta Gifts – Garifuna Doll
Bowen & Bowen – Ice & cooler
Sergio – Mousepad
Tables & Chairs –
Marie Caroll & Gecko Graphics Event printing
Pampered Paws Flea Bath –  Full Groom –
Faride Lima – Easter Gift Basket
Red Ginger/Caliente/OR Blue Water Grill – Dinner for two
Mar de Colores Hair Salon – $50 Gift Certificate
Wild Mango’s – Lunch
Wild Mango’s – Dinne
DandE’s Custard – $20 Gift Certificate
Tanisha Tours – Trip for (2) to Lamani
Destination Paradise Dive Shop – Stuffed Eagle Ray
David Marin – DJ
Tamara Sniffin – Flyer design
Bacab Eco Resort – wrist bands
Susie Quist – Cookies
Laura Sutton – Cupcakes
Mary Hawthorne – Cupcakes
Alan Soto – Face Painting

Volunteers –  Mary Pugh – Laura Sutton – Nancy Roundtree – Jan Ahlman – Renee Steinmetz – Bruce Pickering – Cindy Ayala – Hendrik Oosthuizen – Susie Quist – Beth Hart – Ninfa Juan – Eileen Jamison – Saga Staff: – Lori Purdy – Grant Crimmins – Ari Trejo – Kathy Marin – Ingrid Lima – Coleen Creeden – Lillian Marquez



3 thoughts on “Develop Your Eccentricities

  1. Belize Travel says:

    Belize is a perfect tourist destination for people who want to enjoy a warm and tropical. Its stunning beaches each year attract thousands of tourists who want to enjoy a tropical adventure or simply relax.

  2. Alan Slater says:

    Supersized again!!!! Fantastic job and wonderful pix. Laurie. Back on form and then some!! Don’t forget the address, which I am sure you won’t once you get your breath back and have a chance to spit out a coupla times.
    Alan S.

  3. Alan Slater says:

    So nice to see so many people and businesses, being involved in charities. ” Fair warms the cockles of me heart and puts faith back into me fellow man, ” as we say in old Lancashire, England!!!
    Alan S.

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