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Palapa Bar Sunset Party

I have been doing a million and one things this afternoon and finally found a minute to start blogging before leave my desk I tackle something else on my list.

Back later I will leave you with a picture of the road of adventure funny joke slater sent me –

Belize Adventure
Road of adventure

4 golfers were teeing off for a round when the first guy really pulled his drive and sent the ball into the deep woods. Telling them to play on, he went to search for his ball.

Coming into a small clearing, he saw his ball. He was figuring out how to play out, when this small voice said, ” just because you have found a leprechaun doesn’t mean you get a pot of gold and all that crap!!! I only give one wish and it comes with a penalty. Now….lets be hearing your wish and don’t waste me time. ” Looking down he saw a wee man sitting on a log. ” Come on man I don’t have all day, what would you be whishin? ” The guy always wanted to be a pro golfer, so that was his wish. ” All right now, so ye now have your wish, but the penalty is, that I am going to chop your sex life by 75%. Now there’s your flamin’ ball, wack it and be off and leave me in peace.”

The guy hit the ball out through the trees and made birdie.!!! Two years later, he came back to the same club and on purpose, sliced his shot into the woods. Again, he told them to play through whilst he looked for his ball. Sure enough, on entering the clearing, there was the wee leprechaun. ” I hope ye haven’t come back to moan to me about yer choice and want it revoked, ‘cos that ain’t going to happen.” The golfer said, ” no, no, I am very happy indeed and have made millions as a pro. ” To which the wee man replied, ” and what about yer sex life eh, down 75%, so how many times do you get lucky in a week?” About 3 times in a month was his reply. ” You don’t get much eh?” said the leprechaun. ” I think that’s not bad for a small parish priest.” said the man.!!!!!

Our road was filled with adventure as we headed out for Palapa Bar and Grill  on back roads and bikes.  When we neared Pedro’s  – Paul decided to call him  for a 911ec [emergency cart]. Thankfully he said come on over and grab one making our journey across the bridge and back so much easier.

We arrived at the perfect time – sun was setting as we got to Palapa and everyone was eating drinking and being merry to the sounds of Mexico Mark Mulligan.  It was an enjoyable evening and I got to catch up with several people I had not seen in a while.

8 thoughts on “Palapa Bar Sunset Party

  1. Diane says:

    Headed back for my third trip during Lobsterfest. This time I’m bringing my oldest and best friend for a girls extravaganza. Lots of fun, sun, and Palapa. The new deck looks great! Can’t wait!

  2. Derek Biro says:

    Coming to Ambergris Caye for the first time in October, can’t wait to find and spend time at the Palapa Bar!

  3. Sharon says:

    Was there in Feb this is one of my favorite places great food and drinks view is great. Will be back next year.

  4. Alan Slater says:

    Egad, Iv’e been published again!!!!! Maybe I will do a book signing some day??? Always a pleasure.
    Alan S.

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