Goff's Caye Camping Tour

Private Island Camping on Goff’s Caye

It doesn’t get much better than this… A good sail before camping on a private island combined with amazing snorkeling. Ultimate tropical back-to-nature experiences on the new 24-hour Catamaran camping tour with Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures. Jackpot My visiting company Heather and I won the lottery and got on the list to be in […]

Sightseeing in Belize

Sightseeing in San Pedro Belize

For many, sightseeing in Belize includes visiting San Pedro. A lively town that people travel worldwide to see, with no shortage of options. Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Get up close with Mayan culture at Marco Gonzalez. Play archaeologist for a few hours with popular guide, Jan Brown. You will travel a few miles south of […]

Sirena Azul

Sailing on the Sirena Azul

What a great way to start a day – sailing to Hol Chan Marine Reserve on the Serina Azul. The boat was to set sail Sunday at 8:30 am so Aimee said she would pick me up at 8:00 am. We met Carolyn and Neil for 8:15 am check in at Blue Tang Inn. (feature image above, […]

shary ray alley belize

Birthday Catamaran trip

One of the reasons I love living in Belize; because it sometimes brings an invite for a Tuesday birthday sailing trip on a catamaran with old friends, and a chance to meeting some new people. I started with a very an early morning as I had to meet Cowboy Doug by 7:00am at Reef Radio […]

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A Four day Belize Itinerary

Been busy this morning getting ready for Saturday nights big fundraiser fashion show for Mama Vilma’s at the San Pedro fitness club. It is going to be a great party, I picked out my dress and have been wearing it around the house all morning. Luckily for Cindy and Cherie below us, my foot is […]