Goff's Caye Camping Tour

Private Island Camping on Goff’s Caye

It doesn’t get much better than this… A good sail before camping on a private island combined with amazing snorkeling. Ultimate tropical back-to-nature experiences on the new 24-hour Catamaran camping tour with Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures.


My visiting company Heather and I won the lottery and got on the list to be in a 12 person focus group for a new 24-hour catamaran camping trip to Goff’s Caye. Xsite Tour owners Tammy and Neff wanted to test drive their upcoming new tour and get a feel for timing and logistics. It was perfect because Heather had been wanting to go on a sailing trip while here, but couldn’t do a three day one because she has back issues. So when Tammy said she was welcome to join the test run for their overnight tour, we were both excited.

After a leisurely travel day on the water, imagine pitching your tent on a 1.2-acre island in the middle of the Caribbean just in time for a sunset swim. Heaven.

Private Island Camping in Belize

There is nothing like sailing up to a small private island, in our case Goff’s Caye, and pitching your tent on the beach. Actually, I only assisted pitching the tent (see above) after I finished playing Sheldon, (from the Big Bang Theory) walking around to find just the right spot. I had to get familiar enough with the airflow patterns, the direction of morning sunlight, and general location to make an informed choice. We wanted to get a good breeze and be in the country on the sunset side of the island. Heather and I had only one neighbor beside us compared to the sunrise side; it was a bustling metropolis of at least five tents 😀 

I am also pleased to say the cushion density was comfortable and the view fantastic.  There is nothing like laying in your tent enjoying the breeze and stars above as you drift off to sleep. Or waking up seeing the sky turn orange for a few seconds, then blissfully falling back to sleep because you chose the perfect shady spot for the boys to help you pitch your tent, as you can see in the last picture below taken by Heather. She also took the featured image above.

We saw lots of nature on the island and enjoyed our time greatly. Although I didn’t snorkel there, Goff’s Caye is known for offshore snorkeling, and a few of our group took advantage of it in the morning. 

Private Island Camping

Two More Snorkel Stops

Our first stop was Sargeant Caye, where a few of the girls opted to do some sea glass hunting as this is a known spot for old bottles. There was a small bit of sandbar sticking out giving us a bit of island to lounge on. We also got a nice easy exercise by swimming to the boat and back. Some of us had it easier than others on the way there as we opted for the barnacle float. One of the boys offered to pull my shade sisters Karen and Heather to the sandy patch, so I decided to join that ride. I did help to act as a spare motor because I was wearing flippers.

Next came Gallows Point South. I could have stayed there for ages. It was an underwater oasis filled with amazing sights. My favorites being the sea urchins, a big barracuda, and jellyfish. I also saw so many cool coral heads. I loved watching the wide variety of fish do their thing by swimming in and out of coral and navigating around other species. My shade sisters decided to stay under the boat, so I took lots of pics and some videos for them and you.

Snorkeling in Belize

taco tip #17 When swimming with jellyfish, always try to stick with the current and keep them moving away from you. Click through on From One Plan to Many to see another very cool jellyfish picture I took on this trip. I will leave you with a short fun video of my snorkeling adventure.

Xsite Catamaran Camping Tour

Dreaming of a unique fun 24-hour island and sea adventure with friends, family or other travelers? How about some amazing snorkeling? Pitching tents on the beach on a tiny private island and having all your meals cooked for you? It’s a no-brainer this is a great new option. It’s perfect for a first-time and non-campers, but experts will also enjoy this unique tropical experience.

The tour includes snorkel stops at Coral Gardens, Gallows Point South, and an overnight stay on Goff’s Caye.

It’s a great tour for a large group (12 – 15)) or a smaller one looking to mix it up and meet new people on vacation. 

Snorkel gear, tents, a light sheet, beach towel, and camping mats are provided.

A sample menu of food included in the tour – Enchiladas for lunch, Fajitas for dinner, Eggs for breakfast, Chicken, rice n beans for lunch. Fresh fruit, chips, and salsa for snacks.

Private Island Camping in Belize

Customizable Options

Extra snorkeling stop options are available at Goff’s Caye, Sargent Caye, and Gallows Point North. A Caye Caulker drop off on the way home is also an option for those wanting to island hop and land on a different island than where you started the tour on.

Personal Recommendations Having Taken the Tour

  • Always pack good sun protection beyond sunscreen; i.e., hats coverups, water rash guards.
  • Even though you get fed, bringing extra snacks is never a bad idea on any tour, especially a 24 hour one. Everyone was happy to share the bite-size cookies and chips we brought.
  • If you have any dietary restrictions or health issues always make sure to mention that prior to booking.
  • One great thing about the boat, the bathroom had a shower hose which made it easy to freshen up fast and keep the floor clean at the same time.
  • They are going to be upgrading as well with bean bag chairs and more shade as well as a second catamaran – Wy Knot.

Email me if you want to know more or book this tour tacogirlbelize@gmail.com

Need a little more convincing? 😀

Xsite Sailing Adventures

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  1. tacogirl says:

    I get what you are saying Jordan, that anyone can go there if they have a boat. It was pretty private when we were there, just our group enjoying the place to ourselves. I will check in with Xsite about their plans to make sure it stays that way for their tours.

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