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Q. What Happens When You Goose a Ghost?

A. You get a hand full of sheet 😀

If it were not for the fact that I had friends visiting from California, I could have easily given Halloween a pass this year. I had already missed one of the many parties at Crazy Canucks, but enjoyed seeing pictures on Facebook. A few friends had asked me to pop by Sandy Toes Halloween Bash, and I wanted to, but I knew if I did I would be a goner fast and ready to mummify with TV in bed. 

My friends messaged me after their dinner with Daniel and Elodia of Tanisha Tours and Hurricanes Ceviche Bar around 10:00 pm that they were on their way to town. I quickly donned the makeshift zebra costume, a tye-dye jumpsuit that I had scored at Coco’s Loco beach bar Sip and Swap , and walked over to the party.

It was fairly packed while we were there and I’m not sure if that was the peak or more showed up later, as none of us stayed late. My friends were diving in the morning and did not want to show up on Chuck and Robbie’s dock, tired and hung-over. Plus they had already had a full day driving about 13 miles north. I stayed a short while later so I could get a few more pictures.

Although the Holiday party was not as outrageously costumed up as it has been in all the years I have been attending, a lot of people still put in some great effort. As always the open area with Dracula and Vampirella was a hot spot for pictures. I caught a few people while they were posing for and sometimes with their many admirers. I always love that people love getting their picture taken with costumers. 

I really get pleasure from costume parties. So much fun to watch people light up as they get to play someone or something else for a while. Plus experiencing a room full of mass admiration for peoples creativity and in some cases, Halloween humor is always fun. I did not get a pic of it, but there was a girl dressed as a Tinder profile. Of course, I thought that one was pretty funny being a fan. 😀 

I think a great Halloween party is good for the soul too. It keeps people in the moment and brings a sense of infectious excitement. In this case, it is also cool to see your local iconic hotel and bar turn into a whole other world, red carpet entrance and all. Year after year people are consistently amazed at how cool this Halloween party is for a small island. My friends could not get over what an event it was just walking into the party past the large crowd of spectators. They got a kick out of getting stopped by so many kids wanting to take their picture.

I enjoyed that it was not as crowded this year, because it made it easier to move through the crowd. I saw a few familiar faces dotted around the room, and I am sure a few more turned up later. I was ready to leave by 11:30, and safely walked home. 

While I was happy with my costume this year, it was nothing special, and I did not feel like taking a picture. I will let you in on a secret; I often play dress up in one way or another on any old day. My philosophy is “why wait till Halloween to open your tickle trunk and have fun?”

My good friend Tinker feels the same way. She randomly drops by with her mum Cindy on a LunchBox delivery as Ariel the mermaid or a homemade Belize Jerky delivering vampire the time Grandma Cherie was along for the ride too. This year I was not surprised to read on Facebook that she had won best homemade costume prize at school. She made a great mummy as you can see in the first pic I scored from Will “Paradise Guy” Narod’s personal page.

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