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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For as long as I can remember we have been doing stuff swaps on Ambergris Caye, so I feel qualified to say hands down Coco’s Loco Beach Bar was the best setup ever. Tricia had a tent beside the Caribbean sea, and most the clothes were sorted by size and either nicely folded or hung-up. It was unlike the days of Pedro’s Hotel when first I convinced owner Peter to let us do stuff swaps. He said, “right, just chuck it all on the pool table.” 😀

This sip and swap venue was perfect as the popular beachfront bar is Sargasso and smell free due to the seawall. Remember to add this odorless place with a view on your vacation to do list, they do weekly gaming days and you will always fun a fun local crowd. They also have great food made by Island Tung a food cart conveniently set up near the picnic tables.

The weather was gorgeous perfect for seaside shopping. The first person I saw as soon as we arrived was my friend Judyann which was perfect since we have swapped together many times. We know each other’s taste and are not offended if something we suggest to each other is not good for whatever reason. Which is perfect as this time she immediately got me one of the brand new dresses she had put in the swap when she saw me. I thought it was super cute, but when I asked her why she did not keep it, she said it was one of 3 she had bought in Mexico and it did not fit across the back. I hung onto it but was mulling it over thinking I would likely have the same issue. Literally, at that same moment, my other friend Robbie commented on what a lovely dress it was and how she needed stuff like that for work – I instantly handed it over.

Another funny thing about the swap was I ended up taking a dress back that I had swapped years ago which my friend Carole had taken. There was nothing wrong with it, at the time I just decided to let it go so I could attract something new. Carole also does good swaps occasionally at her salon when she does an annual fundraiser.

Tricia also turned this one into a good cause, everyone who brought stuff for tickets per piece and earned the right to shop. If people did not have anything to swap they could shop at the low price of $2 a piece and all proceeds went to the church (as far as I know) The leftover clothing was going to the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church store.

That morning I had been rifling through my closet to find as much as I could to swap, and it ended up being great therapy as I decided it was finally time to let go of most of my red and white clothing. This was very symbolic because in June 2018 I made a hard decision and left the San Pedro Red Cross. I still wish things had been different, but I am trusting everything happens for a reason and that the goal of truly being able to help the San Mateo Community will come another way. Sometimes finding peace comes in the most interesting ways, this time I am so glad it was through lightening my load and retail therapy.

I scored largely. A great Adidas water shirt (I love sun protection), three dresses (one going back), a dressy sun visor, an unauthorized Jimmy Page biography for my friend Jack, and best of all, three smaller graduating sized dry bags.

Long live free shopping on Ambergris Caye 😀

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  1. tacogirl says:

    They are a random island occurrence Iris. Your best bet is to make friends with the people that host them occasionally and ask for one, or you could easily do it if you have a group of friends. I have done many swaps at my apartment over the years. CG Esthec Salon also does them when she does a fundraiser event.

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