Snorkeling Adventure San Pedro Belize

Mini Shipwreck Adventure

When it comes to world-class snorkeling, Belize ranks high. The Caribbean Sea and barrier reef offer blue crystal waters home to a large variety of different species of fish, coral, and other marine life.

There are many great tour companies to book your snorkel trips and a wide variety of boat options. Everything from catamaran, pontoon, and speed boat. However, sometimes you just want a simple fun free option especially if you are on a COVID-19 budget. Also a fun easy option for families.

This self-guided snorkeling tour lets you enjoy the underwater world without a boat. All it takes is a dock walk and your imagination to enjoy this amazing underwater world. A few other things that will come in handy, snorkel set, and a microfiber beach towel. This time I opted for swim goggles and of course, I packed an underwater camera so I could take you with me 😀 I also brought colorful float rings to make it easier. I also love my Monterey hammock to relax in.

It all started with a short walk to and down the beach. I love living in town, so many great options are a stone’s throw away. This particular one is about a 10 min walk from my house.

 Downtown San Pedro beach

Almost there. Ramon’s Resort generally does a great job of keeping their beach clean. There was a bit of washed-up seagrass as they are still getting back in the swing of things.

Belize beach walk

It was a perfect day and the water was delightful, both colorwise and refreshing. It was also very meditative and had me instantly losing track of time especially once I started taking underwater pictures.

Ramon's Village Resort
Off dock swimming San Pedro

There is nothing like salt water therapy getting lost in nature. As you can see in the pic above, the ladders make it east to access the sea.

Mini Shipwreck Adventure San Pedro Belize

Since at least 2004 (and likely earlier but that was my one vacay before moving in 2006) Ramon’s Resort has intentionally made a marine life breeding ground and a safe space for juvenile fish to grow. In the pic below you can see a Sergeant Major. According to Wiki, Sergeant Major also known as Píntano or Abudefduf saxatilis scientifically is a species of damselfish. It grows to a maximum length of about 22.9 centimeters or 9.0 inches.

 Mini Shipwreck Adventure San Pedro Belize

The swimming platform also makes a nice place for grunts to enjoy the shade. While there, I saw a lionfish too, but it was not easily photographable. At first, I thought I was looking at a sea urchin, but upon not too close inspection, I realized otherwise. Thankfully the poisonous fish was happy to remain in a crevice underneath the grunts.

Now onto the “shipwreck”. Remember I said mini and imagination earlier. There is a submerged ship anchor located at the edge of the north side of the covered palapa area.

Snorkeling Adventure San Pedro Belize

And a big cannon which is off to the side of the anchor.

 Mini Shipwreck Adventure San Pedro Belize

After snorkeling, I like to enjoy the shade of the big palapa and stare at the sea.

Caribbean Sea Belize

Soon it was time to start flip flopping a stones throw northwest to go back home.

Ramon's Village Resort

Ramon’s dock has always been my favorite for three reasons.

  1. On my one trip here before moving to Belize, it was there that my friends and I saw the milky way.
  2. It was my first Belize dock snorkeling experience. I was staying in an apartment close by and used to go feed the fish peas.
  3. After Hurricane Earl, the dock got rebuilt and they gave it a stylish curved design which makes me happy to walk on. My tropical version of a yellow brick road 😀
Downtown San  Pedro Beachfront Resort
Downtown San Pedro Resort

One last look at fish on my way out. This time it was more Sergeant Majors. The last time it was a school of blue tang.

Marine Life In Belize

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  1. Kristi Palm says:

    We never knew you could walk down it! We always assumed it was private to the resort. On my list for next time!

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