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Island Style Recycling and Household Battery Collection

Island Style Recycling

Living on an island can turn you into a bit of a hoarder. Sometimes it is a case of not knowing whether you will see a certain item again and you might do one of a few things. Binge shop and buy it all up. Be sensible and buy what you need but walk away wishing you had opted for ... Read More »

One way I Practice Recycling in Belize

greenhouse store san pedro belize

Today I crossed a major chore off my list doing the recycling.  That meant putting some order to the big box of coffee jars I have been saving and finally getting them out of the house and getting them one step someone who can use them. A few months back, I was shopping with Dennis at The Greenhouse and I ... Read More »

Oceana Belize

Today is going to be crazy busy so trying to get blog crossed off the list asap. Going to pool for 10am and  before  will take Dick a fruit smoothie and likely watch a bit more Japan footage – his back is still out. After that back to work for a bit then I am doing Zac’s veggie stuff  at ... Read More »