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Off The Beaten Path In Eiley Subdivision

Once again it was time to take a drive on roads less traveled to do an errand in the Eiley subdivision. I had worked it out with Jan from Portofino Resort to help get the dead batteries to the transfer station, unfortunately, life had him busy and he was unable to get away. Next, I asked Jana if she and Matt would be willing, and they were only the same thing happened. They were trying to squeeze me in on an already busy day and ran out of time.

I took a minute and thought about who I would ask next and decided to go for a random option and see who came to my rescue. It was not long after I made my request for help in Ambergris Caye Expats Facebook group that I scored a ride – Caroline and Jon to the rescue.

They agreed to pick me up by Gypsy Restaurant, near my apartment. As is the norm here, naming colors was part of our directions process. I told them just look for the girl at the corner with the white pail. Their description was to watch for the yellow golf cart (a Rock’s Store monthly rental) which you can see behind the backhoe.

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First Stop, Castillo’s Hardware. I figured their new container would not be too full yet, however in one month and 12 days, island residents, turned in 8 lbs of dead batteries. That’s still a fair bit in that short amount of time.

Now if we could only get people using rechargeable batteries more. I have 3 sets and would recommend any of them – Duracell, Energizer, and Eneloop. I have had all three for over 6 years now and they are still going strong. I use both AA and AAA for chordless mouse, camera, tv/firestick remotes, and flashlights. My rechargeable Eneloop battery set came with adapters that turn AA into C and D sizes. This can be useful for flashlights and lanterns – must-have emergency supplies on Ambergris.

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Next stop on our battery recycling tour – Harmouch Center. I knew this one was going to be a bigger amount, as Ruben FB messaged me that their container was topped up. Thankfully they were willing and able to help me weigh the batteries and the grand total of their stash was 17 lbs.

battery recycling in belize

Off we went. Since my drivers were relatively new to the island, I had already decided we could take the back road aka San Pedrito Highway, so they could see something new.

Another reason I wanted to take that road was to check on the illegal dumping situation. It was happening again so I snapped a few pictures but I had already vowed not to flood this post with garbage pictures. So instead, a colorful Island Construction tugboat and canal shot near the end of Water Lane St. – the real name of San Pedrito Highway.

The featured image with the dump truck was taken just before we hit the San Pablo area. Jon pulled over to let the truck pass, no doubt he was heading towards the barge dock. Next, we passed Caye Coffee followed by the original Brooklyn Bagels shop on Sailfish St.

Next came Marina Drive, on the west side of Ambergris Caye, which runs through DFC and Eiley Subdivisions. It is getting more developed on the southern end. These shipping container houses are a new addition since I last explored this area.

driving in eiley subdivision

Getting closer to the transfer station turn off, marked by the white truck front in the distance. It was actually a row of 5 trucks filled with garbage waiting to get barged off the island.

marina drive in eiley subdivision

I have enjoyed driving the road to the transfer station long before it was a road. It used to be a grassy country path with tire tracks and there was no station at the time – that came in 2015. To give you an idea of where this is, the kayakers in the picture are about to round a corner and see the backside of Mahogany Bay across the canal.

The dead battery pail, (donated by DandE’s frozen custard) made it to the hazardous waste section of the transfer station. From there it will eventually get barged to the mainland and go to Mile 24 on George Price Highway. Before it goes into the hazardous cell it will be encapsulated in a 55-gallon plastic drum with concrete cement.

Reminder to all islanders, if you are sending anything to the transfer station in a truck, you should always get a receipt so you know it made it to the right place. Emanual and his staff do a great job of making sure all dropoffs get recorded. It cost $5 for my white pail.

transfer station eiley subdivision

I decided since we were right there, to show Caroline and Jon the barge dock area. There was no action happening that day so I am subbing in a picture from a previous trip when I caught a Belikin Beer delivery coming in. That’s a lot of beer crates!

My plan for our return to town was to head south through DFC and Escalante back to the main road. We passed Crazy House Bar and Kitchen and 21 Store. I asked the restaurant owner, Gene Lopez if the road has a name and he gave me a great reply “It has no name as yet, so we call it Crazy House Drive.” Click through to learn about DFC history and housing prices.

driving in dfc subdivision ambergris caye belize

Ice cream and candy signs caught my eye along with the colorful buildings on our way towards the paved road.

driving in escalante subdivision ambergris caye belize

If you are looking for low-cost local flavor, Kenia’s Deli, the blue building on the left is a small food joint in the Escalante subdivision. It’s located one street back from Hidden Treasure Restaurant which is a great dinner option.

 driving in escalante subdivision ambergris caye belize

Everyone loves Fruit Lady Maria. In case you are wondering where she is now, look for the flags to find her latest stand south of town on the west side of Coconut Drive.

esmeralda subdivision ambergris caye

One last picture for all the Belikin Beer lovers I threw in a distributor shot. Aside from beer, you can also get other beverages at the Belikin Distributor or stop by the colorful umbrella beside it to get some freshly made juice.

esmeralda subdivision ambergris caye

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  1. Charles Veppert says:

    I know the police can’t sit and watch this area for illegal dumping all the time, but I for one would donate to a fund to pay overtime for officers to stake out the area to catch the crooks. Maybe a few get arrested and it stops the dumping.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the compliment Kerry. Supplies are good. Chargers for phones, tablets are a very handy item and an emergency radio. Also, look at extra 5-gallon water containers and stocking up your food supply. Every time you shop, included some extras for your hurricane food supplies during the season.

  3. Kerry says:

    I love your blog!!! – after today’s storm I realized I better get some supplies – thank you for the tips !!!

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