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Cost of Belikin Beer and Other Items From the Distributor

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There are two separate Bowen & Bowen (B&B) distributor buildings in San Pedro and there has been some back and forth confusion between the two over the years, leaving some people wondering exactly how the pickup and returns work. While you can still drop empties off at the old Belikin Beer distributor across from Island Academy (from 9-11:30 am or 1-3 pm), most transactions are happening out of the Crystal Water & Ice Distributor located south of town. To get there from town, travel south on the main road until you have to make a right. After making the turn, keep going straight past the gas station intersection. On your left-hand side, you will find Crystal Water and Ice. Their hours of operation are: Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm, and Saturday 8 am-12 pm. Their contact number is 226-4441.

Belikin and Other Beer Pricing in BZD per Case of 24:

Bottles: Prices include GST and $11.00 deposit* ($5.00 for crate and $6.00 for bottles) Regular Belikin: $54.00 + deposit = $65.00 Stout: $54.00 + deposit = $65.00 Lighthouse: $49.95 + deposit = $60.95. Guinness: $67.50 + deposit = $78.50 Heineken: $60.75 + deposit = $71.75 Land Shark: $56.70 + deposit = $67.70 Premium: $60.75 + ($5.00 +$3.60**) = $69.35 Amstel Bright: $54.00+ $6.00 (deposit on bottles only) = $60.00 Cans: Heineken: $67.50 + $3.60**= $71.10 Amstel Bright: $59.40 + $3.60** = $63.00 *All crate and bottle deposits are refundable if you “sell” the empties in the crate back to the sales counter. **Also refundable at $.015 per can.Kegs: 50-liter kegs have a $50.00 refundable deposit above the total below Regular Belikin, Stout, and Lighthouse: $315.00 Premium: $378.00 Guinness: $450.00 Land Shark: $330.00 20-liter kegs have a $35.00 refundable deposit above the total below Regular Belikin, Stout, and Lighthouse: $135.00 Premium: $162.00 Land Shark: $141.75 Depending on where you are staying you can sometimes get lucky and catch a beer or water tractor on their run and get home delivery. Some hotels offer basic provisioning and will pre-order a case and have it waiting for you when you arrive. Special Seasonal Beers:Winter Sorrel Stout: A nicely balanced and aged stout blended with high-quality German hops and specialty malts. This beer embodies Caribbean flavor, color, and heritage. Spring Chocolate Stout: Chocolate was a Maya food of the gods, had this delicious Stout been around it surely would have been offered as well. With added hints of vanilla and rum, this unique lightly carbonated beer is a decadent chocolate experience. If you forget to pack your coozies, you can purchase Belikin ones at any of the gift shops on Front Street in town. In the bars, the price for a Belikin ranges from $4.00 – $6.00 and you will find most places now charge $6.00.


Smirnoff Ice A case of 24, Black, Red, Apple, and Red Berry Crush: $78.30

Soft Drinks

Crystal Water (Deposit on Crates only) A case of 24 – 500 ml $16.20 + $5.00 = $21.20 A case of 12 – 1 litre $13.50 + $5.00 = $18.50 A case of 25 -12 oz. single pouches $4.05 + $10.00 = $14.05 5 Gallon Jug: $15.00 deposit for a 5-gallon plastic bottle and $3.60 for first and each subsequent full one (if you bring them in empty). Plastic water dispensers are sometimes difficult to find so stay on the lookout. Coke and Sprite, and various Fanta Flavors Case of 24: 12 oz: $22.95 + $11.00 deposit* = $33.95 1/2 litre: $28.35 + $11.00 deposit* = $39.35 600 ml: $39.15 + $1.20 (for bottles only- refundable @ $.05) = $30.35 Full Throttle Blue: 500 ml; $60.75 + $5.00 (on crate only) = $65.75 PowerAde: 500 ml; $36.45 Fuze Tea: 500 ml; $32.40 Juices: 500 ml; $18.90

Gallon Jug Items (by the Carton)

Coffee (bags): Ground, 48 – 10 oz. $489.60 Ground, 25 – 16 oz. $350.00 Whole Bean, 20 – 16 oz. $280.00

Hot Sauces

Lisette Secret Sauce (Bottles): 36 – 2 oz. $56.30 12 – 5 oz. $41.85 12 – 10 oz. $65.75 Maya FYAH 36 – 2 oz. $56.30 12 – 5 oz. $29.30 12 – 10 oz. $49.95 Mango Tango 36 – 2 oz. $56.30 12 – 5 oz. $36.05 12 – 10 oz. $60.75 Last Pricing update February 2018 To see more on Belikin Beer and Bowen & Bowen check out the videos below or Like/Follow them on Belikin Facebook page Belikin Twitter Page

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san pedro yacht club
Carrying a case or two on a bike is not uncommon here
belikin beer distributor
Distributor just past the gas station towards the Lagoon side of the island
belikin beer distributor belize
Stacks of Belikin
belikin beer
Old distributor across from Island Academy
belize beer
Belikin Beer tractor at the old distributor across from Island Academy
belikin beer sign belize
You can find beer and 5 gallon water jugs at most stores in town
san pedro belize
Coke tractor delivery at Los Caminantes store
bottled water belize water
Crystal water delivery at a local tienda

12 thoughts on “Cost of Belikin Beer and Other Items From the Distributor

  1. bill watson says:

    can I purchase belikin beer directly from distributor and have it shipped to my residence in florida?

  2. tacogirl says:

    There are distributors on the mainland. Here is the Brewery +501 227-7031 and email contact options – or to to find out the closest one to Placencia. I do not drink beer and did not happen to ask where it was anytime I have been there. You will easily be able to buy beer at most local stores though.

  3. Jon says:

    Hi! Are there any belikin distributors on the mainland? We are driving to placencia from BZE and would like to stock up. Can beer be bought directly from the brewery? Learning lots from your blog. Thank you!

  4. tacogirl says:

    I will add it to my task list Dale, and get price update added to this post. No distributor near you, both locations are still south of town. If you can swing it, then yes suck up the cost of delivery and make your vacation at easy. Village Market right across the bright might help at what price I am not sure. Why not start a beer jar and do small things to fill it like bringing lunch to work once or twice a week and putting what you would spend in your jar.

  5. Dale says:

    looking for current update on bulk beer purchase. We will be back down in July and will probably want about 10 cases of beer. We will be using a local grocery delivery for food being delivered to our house we rented, but the two food delivery services that are online, advertise a much higher markup on a case of beer. I understand this is for their service and convenience of delivery (especially since cases of beer are heavy and bulky). We are staying about 2 miles north of the bridge, is there a local distributor for Belikin near that location or would it be best just to suck it up and eat the cost of the delivery as the convenience of not having to physically move 10 cases of beer ourselves, especially since we only have 2 golf carts for transportation. Are there any local grocery stores/liquor stores that might help with that large of an order? Thanks for the info.

  6. tacogirl says:

    It is cheaper if you use a lot Erin as the distributor is by the case. Be sure and hit up Travellers Liquors on Middle Street for local rum choices. Many also use flight code (for a cause) horizon and code vacation starter in Premier duty-free at Philip Goldson International Airport will save you 15% on alcohol. See alcohol savings a comparison chart.

  7. Erin Kimble says:

    Is this considerably less than you would pay in a grocery store? Would like to have some rum and coke’s in our room, was going to hit up a grocery store but sounds like this may be cheaper? Thanks!

  8. tacogirl says:

    You would have to wait till it is in stores again Tommy then find a mule who was willing to ship you a couple of bottles and work out payment system like paypal or what ever works.

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