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Went for a walk  with Paul and Molly. I wanted to go to a store in DCF because they usually have good bananas. We scored big time – not only did they have a great banana selection Manley’s paleta bike was outside.  According to Wikipedia – a paleta is a Latin American ice pop.

A meeting I had scheduled for this afternoon got postponed so I have been busy working on tacogirl specials. While I can’t fill you in on the new places yet – I can say I have been some great new deals in the hopper and working towards saving you more money in Belize.

San Pedro Weather – Gorgeous day. You can find more detailed daily San Pedro Belize Weather on Ambergris Daily.

Walking to the store

Walking in DCF area


Buying coconut Paletas

Heading home


  1. i love the coconut paletas!!!

  2. I buy them in bulk now when the paleta bike is close to home.

  3. Hey! Package pickup from BB OK?

  4. Yes tacoboy went and got it. Thanks for the nuts and tortilla chips Mystery. Meant to fb you and let you know but just been sleeping a lot to shake this bug.

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