San Pedro Belize Garifuna Settlement Day Parade 2018

I Got Paraded Walking to Madison’s

Yesterday was Garifuna Settlement Day, celebrating the arrival of the Garifuna people landing in Belize from West Africa around two hundred years ago. While all districts of Belize honor this important day, the main celebrations happen in Dangriga. Although it was a holiday I still did some morning work, as I woke up to 75 emails […]

San Pedro Belize

Q. What Happens When You Goose a Ghost?

A. You get a hand full of sheet 😀 If it were not for the fact that I had friends visiting from California, I could have easily given Halloween a pass this year. I had already missed one of the many parties at Crazy Canucks, but enjoyed seeing pictures on Facebook. A few friends had asked me […]

Happy Birthday Belize

Working Hard Towards Former Parade Glory – Happy Birthday Belize

Yesterday was Belize’s 37th Independence day and countrywide the nation turned out in style to say “Happy Birthday Belize”. While it always had been great the past few years, the parade has been a little light. This year it finally felt like it was getting back on track towards what it once used to be […]

Belmopan Belize

Happy Holidays and Off Season Accommodations Deals

Happy Holidays wishing everyone a safe and fun St Georges Caye day. For those of you who want a bit of Belize history, Wiki to the rescue… St. George’s Caye was settled as a town in 1650, and was the largest settlement in what was at the time British Honduras in the 17th century and […]

september in belize

It’s Party Time – September in Belize

The San Pedro Town Council did a great job creating a poster for this year’s September Celebrations in San Pedro. As you can see there are no shortage of events to celebrate the time around Belize’s Birthday on the 21st  – this year the country turns 37.    September in Belize 2018 September 3, Coconut […]

San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

Sea of People – The San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

After a week-long Lobster Crawl the big day finally arrived – The San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018. This year marked the 12th annual Lobster Festival and it is still going stronger than ever.  Right from the get-go on Saturday morning messages were flying back and forth about meeting up, who was going to […]