San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

Sea of People – The San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

After a week-long Lobster Crawl the big day finally arrived – The San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018. This year marked the 12th annual Lobster Festival and it is still going stronger than ever. 

Right from the get-go on Saturday morning messages were flying back and forth about meeting up, who was going to get Rotary seating which included food service, and general party anticipation. 

My friend Debbie and I arrived just after 5:00 and already it was a steady sea of people. We still managed to connect with our other friend Denise. All night long I kept losing them and finding them again due to my wandering off to take pics which lead to ebb and flow with the crowd.

For food, I went straight for the lobster sushi rolls from Jyoto. Deb decided to buy us some bacon-wrapped lobster from Crocs. Both were delicious. I enjoyed taking lots of food pics so you can enjoy seeing all the tasty treats. Sandbar took first prize for best food and drink this year, which is no surprise with Brittney (Sandbar co-owner) and Cindy (The Lunchbox Delivery Service) teaming up. Second place in the food category was Ramon’s Village Pineapples on the Beach Restaurant. Second in the drink category went to Jyoto Japanese Restaurant/Sushi Bar, and Pirate’s Not-So-Secret Beach Bar was third. The best booth went to Pineapples. The grand prize of a fabulous trip back to Belize for San Pedro Lobster Fest 2019 was one by a U.S. visitor, Drew Bentley and was presented by the lovely Miss San Pedro Virginia Velasquez.

Aside from all the great Ambergris Caye restaurants, the San Pedro House of Culture, Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) participated as well. Belikin Beer was also selling their limited edition Belizean art bottles and of course, Lobsterfest 2018 t-shirts were available.

As always the Paneriffix Steel Pan Band entertained the crowd. San Pedro Dance Company and DJ Debbie were also part of the line up along with emcee David Marin. 

A big round of applause goes to the organizers and volunteers. San Pedro Lobster Festival is organized by San Pedro Business Association, Rebecca and Elito Arceo, Coqui, DJ Debbie and Peter with the main volunteers this year being Jacqueline and Adam. It takes a lot of time effort and many hours for months in advance to make this an annual success.

Crowd shots were challenging for those with picture taking OCD 😀 I had to put my OCD aside as it was pretty much impossible not to have cut off people in the shot. As I was sorting through my pics, I thought about how our block party was so big this year that between Facebook raves and my crowd shots, I caught a bunch of people that I knew were there but never managed to cross paths over the course of the night. I was there for four hours and spanned only 1 block – do the math, there were a ton of people this year 😀

San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

San Pedro Lobster Fest 2018

San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

Ramon's Village Lobster Fest booth

Lobster Season Belize

Belize Rotary Club

San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Lobster Fest

If you are still in the country you can catch Caye Caulker Lobster Festival from June 29th – July 1st

Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

Group shot pinched from Denise Hansen’s Facebook

5 thoughts on “Sea of People – The San Pedro Lobster Fest Block Party 2018

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the appreciation, Sarah. That is hilarious that I randomly got them all in and cool you found it. A similar thing happened before, I realized I had pics on my blog of my old neighbors before I knew them and on a different island – Caye Caulker.

  2. Sarah Ontiveros says:

    I want to appreciate you for taking a picture of my grandmother, my mom, and my little brother all in one picture on the trampoline!! I found this absolutely hilarious.

  3. tommy13e says:

    Awesome . Beautiful ladies enjoying the lobster fest . We had a great time here in Placencia as well. Party on ladies. Great photos! !

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