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Happy Holidays and Off Season Accommodations Deals

Belmopan Belize

Happy Holidays wishing everyone a safe and fun St Georges Caye day. For those of you who want a bit of Belize history, Wiki to the rescue… St. George’s Caye was settled as a town in 1650, and was the largest settlement in what was at the time British Honduras in the 17th century and 18th century until its importance was ... Read More »

Best Travel Apps for Belize to Help You Feel Like a Local

Palmtrees and Beach in Belize

Jess Signet from Tripelio recently wrote to me asking if she could do a guest post on travel apps for Belize. Of course, I said yes, being a smartphone girl and knowing how useful they are. I had a couple of her recommendations already and learned about some good new ones. You can read a little about her at the ... Read More »

8 Money Saving Travel Apps and Better Belize Flights

belize flights

Your Belize Flight is So Much Easier Than in the Past Traveling from the United States to almost any country has never been easier, and with additions of even more airlines adding flights to Belize last year, so many more folks are sure to discover this little slice of paradise in 2016. To book any of the flights below you can click ... Read More »

Ever wondered “Is it worth it?” Absolutely!

best free brain training apps

“Are those free brain training apps worth downloading” is a question and the conversation I have had with more than one person. While there was curiosity, most had not taken the plunge as they were questioning if it was worth trying or not. My answer is “absolutely” and more specifically try Elevate, your personal brain trainer. After playing it for ... Read More »

Where to Find Cheap Flights to Belize City and Flight Discounts Scored

cheap flights to belize

Not surprisingly when I Facebook something regarding new direct, or cheap flights to Belize City it always generates action. People are hungry for information and the satisfaction that is driven by travel deals, so today’s blog post is all about where to go for best flight prices and feedback from people who have scored them. Yesterday I posted the following ... Read More »

Tech Tip – Best Android Keyboard

north ambergris caye

I decided to start Monday off with a great tech tip for those of you who have android phones.  I was happy with the standard LG keyboard on my phone until it started adding a foreign language in and all of a sudden I was getting Asian characters in the mix every time I tried to text.  Remembering a best ... Read More »